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Let's get straight to business, shall we...


Wolfenstein (Wolfenstein 2)

Developer: Raven Software and Endrant Studios

Release date: 2009


NO, it's not the latest Wolfenstein: The New Order game, it's the one before. Ironically this one was completely underrated game with low sales, but most sites gave it a great score. So what is special about this game?

First of all, this is Wolfenstein, best game series to have fun killing nazis. Second, this one has pretty good graphics that work enough good for my crappy pc. Now I'll tell you the best thing I love - Gore!

Seriously, just shoot a guy. The gunshot wound system looks really awesome, reminds me of these classic wounds from Madness sprites which it's why we mostly love Madness in the first place. Besides that, how about you shoot a guy in the throat. That hilarious reaction, seeing him helpless strugling to breathe while blood spitting out, hahaha.


Yeah, ugly shit like this happens when you throw a greande or blow a gas tank.

Next it's the freaking awesome arsenal! Half nazi and half tech nazi weapons, you decide to go either oldschool, or doctor fuck you all mode. And of course the most important weapon, the medallion which you can use it to find secret passages, slow time, shield yourself and blazing damage. 

So about the single player, you got missions, some side missons and in the meantime you can just wander around town, find a nazi patrol guard and be like: "Lets have some fun!" The weapons can be upgraded if you have enough money which can be achieved by completing missions, but more importanly found at secret and not so secret places. There are also some tombs or what's it called shit that is very hidden and it's used to unlock cool upggrades for your medallion. And the last thing I also love is the environment! Besides being indoors, outdoors, at a farm, or in a cave, most all the objects around can be "moved" which I mean demolished by gunshoots and blowing shit up. So cool! I mean seriously look a phone *shoots*, look a crate *breaks*, look a bookcase *messes up books*

And that is all. It has multiplayer of course, not much people but you'll find a server here and there.




Developer: People Can Fly

Relese date: 2011


How should I describe this....

It's an fps. But a one of a kind fps....and fps, where you can leash your enemy to yourself, kick him back to a death landing or reapeat like he's your yoyo kinda fps. And that is still not the most I sayed about it.

A game for those who want to do everything else besides just shooting. A game with gazillion kill combos!!!

Example: oh lookey, an enemy: Should I shoot him, kick him, leash him, blow him, harass him or maybe all of this? Yeah. *kills*  Here are some basic combos by JUST shooting: throat shot - gag reflex ; nutshot (no joke) + kick - Mercy ;  Ass shot - rear entry ; leash + kick + shoot - bullet kick.


Throw a couple of newbs in the air, shoot them all one by one, trapshoot bonus, make a guy fall, trap bonus, flame charge someone in the ass - FIRE IN THE HOLE! *laughs* charge shoot with your classic carbine with two or more - X-ray combo...the whole amount of combos is unlimited to achieve all of them in one try.....the guns are awesome, gore is awesome, story is hilariously stupidly awesome, that tension is also awesome, the epicness is awesome, everything is awesome!!!!! Did I also meantion, you can kill while being drunk or high on drugs...?

Ok, there are 131 skillshots, but if you want to complete them all, you have to be pro like this guy.

It also features multiplayer co-op and echoes to prove your score online. KILL WITH SKILL!



FlatOut 2

Developer: Bugbear Entertainment

Release date: 2006


Hey, what about driving games? To tell the truth, I wanted to play the latest FlatOut, or the one who got renamed to Next Car Game, currently  still at demo version, but sadly doesn't meet my system requirements. Otherwise most of people say that besides that, the best FlatOut games in the series, was the second. So I tried it. Can't believe it was even on PS2, this game is fucking amazing!


Why amazing? the best thing I love at driving games, is the damage system! And this one nails it, you can drive either with a car, or a completely wasted scrap of chunk metal, I'm serious! And not just cars, you can wreck so many things on the way, it will be like tearing lego buidlings apart, wreckage everywhere! If you a classic metal fan, you'll love the music too!

So, about the single player, the driver AI system is super impressive, everyone with their own personality. Few drives like slowpoke, other few will be fast machines and tough to beat and there'll be one who loves to crash, lol! It also features Nitro! Yesss, boost that hydrogen, wohoooo!

Also there are 3 types of race with specific car types, ain't that cool? Which is my favorite? Derby of course! Derby demolition, hahaha *evil laugh* and also these special unlocked competitions where you need to blow your driver of your seat to as far as possible or to certain goals, LMAO! Of course, multiplayer is included, race your friends and wreck them along with the track completely!




Developer: Platinum Games

Release date:  2010


This game was meant to be pc, but instead it's now only available via PS3/Xbox360 consoles.

A Japanese Gears of War? Another underated game, 3 years in the making, single-only third person shooter.... this game is wild to the max! You play as some american newbie douche who somewhat got the latest tech suit to try. So, what's special about this game?


With a press of a button and few more, you become an acrobatic maniac in this murica-russia warzone mech field! A kind of game, where just staying in cover like a normal soldier, is booooooring! How about you start nitro sliding and then surprise your enemy from the back and *WHAM*, super melee! If this is too fast for you, how about turning on slowmotion? Aw hellyeah, bang, bang, BANG! Even if you're on critical health with some energy meter left, slowmotion equips automatically.

I mean, isn't it cool to cover+shoot+slide+melee, all that in just a second or two? Exacly! The graphics are quite amazing, especialy with all the shooting, exploding, it's like watching new year fireworks! When I was playing this, I was like: "This makes Star Wars look so bad!"

And then with the several bosses, there can be mid-breaking animation scenes with critical press hit moments to succeess a great damage pack. You also got a gun wheel inventory with 3 guns + grenade pack, so choose wisely which one you'll have equiped, but mostly assault and machine gun is classic to have. Of course like I said, you're not alone (mostly), you can even heal wounded teammates, lol. So you choose your way, either to stay together or play lone wolf and surprise flank them, mwahaha!

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