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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - November 12th, 2022

  • Still alive
  • Got a job as a retail worker (ugh...)
  • Still play gamez
  • Watching anime
  • Remembering good old days of Newgrounds

On a sidenote, am proud knowing my review for the Project Nexus became the most helpful rated (ever?)

Knew my life had a purpose lol.



Posted by Igyzone - September 26th, 2020

I've got no excuse for it. I'm a failure of a long-time Madness fan.

But I'll remain loyal by getting a copy of Krinkels's Project Nexus (2) the first day it arrives on Steam!


P.S. I'll still try to give them reviews of every MD submission. And give me a shout if you wanna give me a more constructive type of criticism towards a certain work.

Posted by Igyzone - August 12th, 2018

(Which is more like a series of milestones milestone)

  • Get 100 fans + special thank you each post
  • Make 1000 reviews
  • Reach Level 23
  • Reach rank Sergeant
  • Gather 1000 medals

All of these are very close.

Plus the very last and somewhat personally important to me is to make another post about a certain underrated web game stick series that put a strong mark on my childhood and an impact to whole web game community.


Here's a sneak pic. If you guessed it right, you know how much bloody fun you had with this.


Posted by Igyzone - April 30th, 2018

To do list:

  • check out the new NG design - check
  • mess with the profile - check
  • finally make another post  - check
  • celebrate b-day (alone) - check
  • go back to being dead - check

Not gonna lie. The only thing that keeps me up in terms of Madness is the infinite wait of Project Nexus 2.

I wonder if I'll live long enough to witness its final form!



Posted by Igyzone - April 28th, 2017

Ever wondered how it's like to have downloaded music on your phone (from SoundCloud) and shortly realise the author's channel got deleted. Especialy if his YouTube channel is almost empty and his last words were approval of public use?


I couldn't let this go away, so with some editting through Adobe After Effects I finally released what was supposed to be lost forever. Even I don't know much about this guy. A very young extremely talented Holland music producer under the name of Redeye, who specialises all kinds of Dubstep music.


Anyway, 13 tracks in total (of course he had more of them), each of them quite different and simply amazing!

This here is one of them:


follow the rest of them on my YouTube list! 



Posted by Igyzone - April 5th, 2017

I know I didn't played the game for years long and when I heard it was about to close, I suddenly went back to play as much as I could, even though CP deleted my acoount due to afk...


And now we have CP Island, aka free to play but pay to have fun game. For fail's sake, I even pre-registered to get free items and later the game tells me I need membership to wear them, seriously Disney?!


Anyway, that's it. Of course you're probably old enough to realise, Internet does have CP private servers, so nothing is lost, especialy kuz these sites support free membership. So, it's not R.I.P. ClubPenguin, but R.I.P. Disney!





P.S. Do any of you play these servers? I'm having difficulties trying to play in:




It could be there's a crazy amount of people signing in because reasons...



Posted by Igyzone - September 22nd, 2016


*Browses internet for radnom junk*

*Asks himself: "What day is it?"*

*Checks date: 22nd september. "Hmmm...*

*Realisation + spits drink*

*Juggles mouse with light speed to NG*

"Lets get reviewing!!!"


Happy Madness Day, everyone!

Posted by Igyzone - June 10th, 2016

Hey there......um......yeah, it seems I abandoned NG, doesn't it? If you think so, you're right. And wrong, I still come back to see if Newgrounds is still alive, heheh.


So did I do anything productive? Nope, I do intend to release some music on YT, of course not by me, it's some sort of legacy of someone that almost doesn't exist on social media anymore, I can say that my phone is only thing that has the author's music, since the original creator deleted his soundcloud account while YT has only few of his tracks hidden somewhere.


In the meantime, can you guys do me a favor?

I'm searching for a specific animated video that was released on NG years ago. It was some sort of hitman style based animation where an assassin was hired to kill some boss that was on top floor of large building. The boss saw him right at the start and warned him that he'll need to go through....(20,21,31, 51, Idk) floors, occupied by armed forces. It was quite funny watching how hitman avoid every encounter every floor, there was orchestral music playing in background at that time. Then at final he comes at boss, but the boss easily puts him down since Hitman was already wounded and exhausted as hell. The punchline was that when boss was just about to finish him, when a missile (which was fired by some grunt that missed hitman at some floor, going up to space) came straight down at him = boom. Hitman survived by going back to elevator. His back accidently pushed all buttons, meaning he'll have to face those grunts again as he didn't really killed much of them before. Video ends at that moment.


So, any leads?

Posted by Igyzone - December 5th, 2015

- Not dead.

- College sucks.

- NG will always be a part of me.

- Bored.

- Wanted to make new post before, but my phone couldn't upload the pics, motherf*****

- See this thingy above the post, called Latest Playlists? How the F**K did I never see this...? Anyways, I might one day add a ton of them. Yep, a lot...

- So how's your day?

Posted by Igyzone - September 22nd, 2015

Who will win in the animation part? It's a tough call, but I suggest you look at my reviews and check those with 5 stars (check everything while you're at it) and those have IMO best chance winning and even better being.....top 5!

Even I made something for this day. YES! This crap!

Happy Madness Day!