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I thought it was gonna be that UNO argument meme but that was also great.

Might as well dress up as the principal next.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Hadn't thought of that before. Imagine students pretending they had authority over others with such a costume :P.

That's it, I'm totally transferring to your school now!

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The box delivery reminded me why nothing is as unique as Newgrounds.

Hey, I remember this, 2016 right?

It's not much different than before, and honestly I enjoyed your last one a tad more. And damn, while I finished a run with no kills with one try, havent been able to kill 70 in about a dozen tries.

Not bad for one of those story interactive games, like the idea that you're basically forced to die several times in order to progress which reminds me of certain game and certain MD animation that used it. Also wondering if the worm part is a possible reference to prison pit which Is one my favorite gory comics.

Alright, back to the review, I'd appreciate more if there were some music and art backgrounds like for example the Sagittarian series by Hyptosis which became quite a popular hit (at least for a short time) on NG.

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Oh wow, this brings such a nostalgic feel. The times where we all laughed our arses off from a very simple minded person. The once most humorous piece that Newgrounds had in store.

Now enough slacking around, Project Nexus 2 is still waiting.

The-Swain responds:

I won't lie, I was definitely avoiding doing PN2 work to come post this :X

Feels like being pulled into datastream universe.

DESHIEL responds:

I hope thats a good thing :)

Not bad, your music may be somewhat monotic will all those "burps" or whatever you call them, but still fresh with the rest of music. Still perfect for any madness video to use this.

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Love it, really like the closeup view of Jeb's sword. That shine and wear, I can almost taste that precious metal!

This is something that I'd like to see as a background in Newgrounds during every Madness Day. Superb job!

Nice work, Clay modelling in general is child's play, however combining with other techniques, it does add more flavor to its art. Now it looks like a screenshot taken straight from Project Nexus 2!

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