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2008 called. They want their NG flash animation video back.
Jokes aside, this is very nostalgic!

What I am most amazed by, is that our boy Krinkels here has new madness sprites.

This is a new era of madness.

Like how the knife victims appeared simultaneously on the board.
GG, would love to see 50vs50 next.

BotDon responds:

Ahaha what a nice idea, probably one day ! and thanks you :D

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Not bad for one of those story interactive games, like the idea that you're basically forced to die several times in order to progress which reminds me of certain game and certain MD animation that used it. Also wondering if the worm part is a possible reference to prison pit which Is one my favorite gory comics.

Alright, back to the review, I'd appreciate more if there were some music and art backgrounds like for example the Sagittarian series by Hyptosis which became quite a popular hit (at least for a short time) on NG.

This is pretty good. Well, maybe a bit too fast paced, you have better chance just holding the mouse button with a melee weapon instead of shooting at something that walks with the speed of sound.

Also I'm not sure that the medals are working...

Edit: Alright, thanks for fixing that issue ^^

HeavyBro responds:

Ah, because the dumb ass is sitting here and typing you a response. And he forgot to disable debug mode

I was expecting a mediocre platformer game with only adult features as an entertainment, but surprisingly the dialogue alone which is well written, got me all excited.

I don't think I've found any bugs on my side and there's really nothing I could criticize this long effort masterpiece. Great job!

hentaiwriter responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for the review and rating both, it means a lot! :D

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Oh wow, this brings such a nostalgic feel. The times where we all laughed our arses off from a very simple minded person. The once most humorous piece that Newgrounds had in store.

Now enough slacking around, Project Nexus 2 is still waiting.

The-Swain responds:

I won't lie, I was definitely avoiding doing PN2 work to come post this :X

The singer might perform better in a metal band....

Lich responds:

There's a fair few decent bands out there like 'PreEmptive Strike 0.1', 'Suicide Commando', 'Asphyxia', 'FGFC820', 'Wumpscut', 'Hocico', 'C-Lekktor' and many more who branch off towards the same kind of vocal-style (albeit with heavier processing) and their generally better compositions which you may enjoy some more.

Feels like being pulled into datastream universe.

DESHIEL responds:

I hope thats a good thing :)

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Wow, that's creative! I can't think but imagine all that extra art wasted just to paint over the letters...

ChazDude responds:

Everything you see within the letters is everything that was drawn, nothing got cut off :)


"Good trade."

Comick responds:

A Skitzo quote! haha :b Thanks!

*Gasps* IV !!!

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