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Sleepy but not dead.

Posted by Igyzone - June 10th, 2016

Hey there......um......yeah, it seems I abandoned NG, doesn't it? If you think so, you're right. And wrong, I still come back to see if Newgrounds is still alive, heheh.


So did I do anything productive? Nope, I do intend to release some music on YT, of course not by me, it's some sort of legacy of someone that almost doesn't exist on social media anymore, I can say that my phone is only thing that has the author's music, since the original creator deleted his soundcloud account while YT has only few of his tracks hidden somewhere.


In the meantime, can you guys do me a favor?

I'm searching for a specific animated video that was released on NG years ago. It was some sort of hitman style based animation where an assassin was hired to kill some boss that was on top floor of large building. The boss saw him right at the start and warned him that he'll need to go through....(20,21,31, 51, Idk) floors, occupied by armed forces. It was quite funny watching how hitman avoid every encounter every floor, there was orchestral music playing in background at that time. Then at final he comes at boss, but the boss easily puts him down since Hitman was already wounded and exhausted as hell. The punchline was that when boss was just about to finish him, when a missile (which was fired by some grunt that missed hitman at some floor, going up to space) came straight down at him = boom. Hitman survived by going back to elevator. His back accidently pushed all buttons, meaning he'll have to face those grunts again as he didn't really killed much of them before. Video ends at that moment.


So, any leads?


Life is hard. I am now in a very difficult war right now. But i'm still here foreva.
hmm..... sorry dude I just can't remember that animation. Actually I don't think I watched it....
I think.

War is never over.
Well I know it was frontapged, and NG has a list of all frontpaged content. Now I just need to find that needle...in a hay sack.