Entry #119

Released a legacy from a dissapeared master of Dubstep

2017-04-28 15:11:03 by Igyzone

Ever wondered how it's like to have downloaded music on your phone (from SoundCloud) and shortly realise the author's channel got deleted. Especialy if his YouTube channel is almost empty and his last words were approval of public use?


I couldn't let this go away, so with some editting through Adobe After Effects I finally released what was supposed to be lost forever. Even I don't know much about this guy. A very young extremely talented Holland music producer under the name of Redeye, who specialises all kinds of Dubstep music.


Anyway, 13 tracks in total (of course he had more of them), each of them quite different and simply amazing!

This here is one of them:


follow the rest of them on my YouTube list! 



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2017-05-01 13:51:13

I'm still horny for more