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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - September 18th, 2012


So you all are aware of that, right, ya big 'ol madness fans! :D
But this time it's gona be a bit hard to know, who is going to participate in (do not count on me about that) ,but one you all know is Krinkels himself so there's a good start and expectation on that. So if you want to know, who all be there before this day comes, go check all the posts of authors of previous madness days and other madness creations.

Also here's an awesome madness animation called: Madness Underworld Randomly remembered, when in 2009 on frontapge where it was saying: To get you ready for Madness day >:)

As I was saying, I'll make nothing as usual, first beacuse of school, second beacuse my lack of skill, third.....I ammmm don't even have flash installed :/ ... Anyway I just want to tell you guys that if you just like me won't be doing anything for Madness Day 2012, do not feel like a zero or a pile of poo, YOU are the one to decide any submission if it gets past or not, also if you want to be the biggest madness fan like any other ones, the basics for you are, to get prepeared for this Madness Day by judging, rating, reviewing EVERY Madness video, game, art, music and any other unexpected things that gets there...

So have fun, stay cool, and be awesome!!! :P :A :D

Want to become my fan? :3
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God I love this pic

Madness Day approaches


Posted by Igyzone - February 19th, 2012

I joined there on 26th of March 2011. ( my username there is bluray which I'm not much active now since something mentioned below is closed now. )The reason was a post by Krinkels in his site. ( since he upgraded it, you can't see them anymore ) He mentioned something about a madness interacive forum on Facepunch, which had great staying power, unlike others, who existed and were active just a few days.

It turned out, that madness interactive forum, named Madness (Survival) made by rovar ,went far for a HALF YEAR, it started on 27th of February 2011 and ended 13th of August. The number of posts made in that forum was SO BIG, the interactive had to be splited into 3 PARTS!!! ( the total number of posts was right about 11.200! ). In that interactive, several skilled artists participated, who decided to make their own madness interactive as well but did't last much long, except Tomtyke ( you may know him from his Madness: Activation flash ) with his Madness: Apocalypse interactive

I don't need to explain, how the story continued, since I made a site on Wikia.com named: Madness Survival Interactive Wiki. I made everything in there as a memory for rovars interactive as well as Tomtykes :D Go ahead, read it all and then comment below ( better here than there )

For those who have't made an account on Facepunch yet, if you ever intend to make it, be warned, that site is a shitload of crap to me....Most of it is about gametalk and all, but also there are a lot of free art activity forums where lot of people are hardass critics and you don't want to create your stuff there. And The rest of the site is just free crappyhumor shitcrap. Also they hate madness fans :(

So that's my story, also again, visit my youtube channel when you're bored, I got many playlist videos ( not myne, legal copied from others ) to entertaine you :D

My Facepunch story

Posted by Igyzone - February 8th, 2012

Probably nobody to 99% people living in this world. But my history book is so full of interesting events, it's impossible to remember all of them. But I'll mention only the one who matters to newgrounds site:

I've ben here on newgrounds unofficially since around may 2007. Before that, I was at stickpage.com looking for some new flash submissions and I found a flash called: Madness Consternation by Krinkels and that's how I first found Newgrounds. Not much later I bacame a fan of madness series. Why didn't I signed up here earlier? If you're not an animator, designer, voice actor, programmer, anything with computer skills ( Which I don't have ), you can't do much on this this site anyway, except voting which you can vote that 1-5 bar without having an account ( I voted +3000 submissions ) and commenting which I didn't had any need to, also my English sucked back then and does still sometimes, beacuse I'm from Slovenia ( google that shit ). Now I finally made an account :D!!! Why now? :/ The new redesign is the answer. I took the redesign thing as a new beginningto start my part of life in here, playing games where I do best, voting and commenting everywhere I wan't to.

And i think, that's all about my newgrounds history. if you want to hear more about my history such as about Facepunch and other site stories, leave a comment below. Also I'm allot active at my youtube channel . That's it for today, have fun!

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