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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - December 16th, 2012

First thought:
Yeah it's coming, the Mayans told us thousands of years ago, so I believe them, beacuse they were also very smart people and built amazing structures with great astronomic knowledge and stuff...

So what to do? Either bury yourself beneath the earth and hope for survival, or complete your most wanted wishes you always wanted. Give yourself ALL the knowledge you earned in your life. by that I meant you go talk with Cleverbot This "thing" is a:
- 59% human.
- Programmed bot to think like a human, smarter then....you
- Master of manipulating.

Seriously, yesterday I spent HOURS talking with him, trying to convice him I'm right at something he's not. At one response the bot was thinking for an minute and sad: "Prove me wrong."
If you think, you got the knowledge of skill, you can aslo test yourself at Royal Secret Intelligence Service, this is based on James Bond Skyfall where you help an agent in several situations. Fucking awesome game!

Anyways let's discuss the "end of the world" thing again. The Mayan calendar was NOT marked with leap years, (very fourth year is one day longer) if it was marked like ours, then the world should have ended a year ago. Seriously think of some animals. Dinosaurs lived for millions of years and died only beacuse of some random meteor. But the life went on and now we are going to die as well. By what? By a meteor again? Impossible this time, our scientiscs should have discovered a meteor flewing to us by now. So nope that's not it. not to mention our kind lived like only about 30-40.000 years instead of millions like dinosaurs had ben through. Just beacuse we are smarter, doesn't mean we are not dumb anymore. the more you are right at something, the more you have a chance you are unprovingly wrong.

So these were the second thoughts. The only predictors I believe, are the weather reporters.
Also the day 21.12.2012 marked as end of the world means actually the end of the Mayan calendar. From an uknown source I read not only that this mean the end of the world, but also a new beginning. Why do people even think, the world is going to blew up or something like that. What if the propecy meant a psychological change instead of physical. We are allready changing a lot in this year....

End of the world?

Posted by Igyzone - December 8th, 2012

Hey guys, what's up? I'm bored, so here are more random Project Nexus epic gameplay screens I made for you: Would you guys like arena mode pics too? I would be glad, but I'll have to start all over -.-

- Bloody face
- Ironhead
- Fully upgraded AK-47, badass destruction madness
- Similiar destruction with gallons of blood
- Destruction - Sanford and Deimos style
- Zombie expert
- Zombie expert 2 - last shot, last kill + how can my profile screen look like I have no head but still am wearing glasses???
- Phobos killed hard
- Phobos killed hard - gold Desert Eagle style
- Electro awesome
- A moment before death

I need your help! Help me decide, which of the comic view selection would be the best.


Those Comics are nothing special, really, just some crap done in paper, most of them are tributes and redones made years ago back when I was a little boy full of non-lazzynes unlike now...

So thank you for your time, I intend to show you guys my super old comic somewhere this week ;)


I got stuff, but it's a load of bluff

Posted by Igyzone - November 25th, 2012

I've done my first flash work wohoo, so excited, I'm going to explode! just kidding ^_^
I put my test in the end of this article, beacuse I first promised something else so here ya go:

Here are some of the Madness scenes from project nexus I promised, some of them might be interesting, others just plain epicly funny xD Soooooo here:

Madness crew wtf
What did I just read?
Phobos broke his sword omg part 1
Phobos broke his sword omg part 2
Case of the missing heads
I really like this gun
I hate this guy T-T

Pimp My Gun
remember the awesome gun creator game I mentioned in the previous post, well here it is. GO PLAY IT!!! Either the new or the old version, it's your choice. You choose this option on the top of the screen. I did make many of them but forgot to save, luckily I manage to save two of them. One of them is shown in this picture ath the bottom of this post (New version), while this gun is made in the "old" version.

(For whats next, apologies, people, for being to boss like, I sometimes fell like being the most awesome peson in the world) :P
Now ladies and gentlemen, MY FIRST MADNESS TEST and first thing I ever done in flash, lol.
Hank hates bandages, he just wants to fight with all the power he can get, LOL! xD

Well I think it's good for a first try and I also intend to improve it enough to make it suitable to the Newgrounds movie portal :D
I think, I might finish it in the end of the year or maybe a bit later...

And here's how the Pimp My Gun game screen looks like, you have many parts of different guns there, simply use your imagination and there you have it! :D

Nexus scenes, Pimp My Gun and my FIRST madness test!

Posted by Igyzone - November 17th, 2012

I'm geting seriously bored around here, I get a bit free time when school is off and I simply don't find anything interesting to do.(Well this day I did go to cinema and watched the last part of Twilight which was complete bullshit but at least that's the end of it, and Skyfall where James Bond kicked some agent ass, fuckyeah!)
Anyways, I want to do something HERE on Newgrounds, but motivation is kind of weird state at the moment:

Past stuff: Art
Third gun needs to be finished as well as comics and a madness poster, but damn motivation is keeping me away from doing any art right now

Present stuff: An awesome gun scene creator
Once found, forgoten and found again. I currently have interest for this, so I'll simply make some of them and post them here once I'm done. If you don't know, which gun scene creator I'm talking about, then I'll reveal it in next post, if you do now, please leave it as surprise to others, otherwise you'll ruin my idea for next post.
Scene creator images are taking a break now. Motivation doesn't like them as before...

Future stuff: Madness animations? FUCKYEAH!
Once I decide to install Macromedia Flash 8 on MediaFire (Did I mention it's free?), get time, madness sprites and motivation (I really really want to do it right now but fucking school...) I'll start to ANIMATE as my biggest dying wish, dreaming for long long time. Most of guys I know, who have made decent madness flashes, are only 13-14 years old. Seriously? Well if they can do it, so can I!!!!
In the mean time I watch examples on YouTube, about how to make madness animations in flash, you can really learn something from there, see for yourself :D! :


And for proffessionals

For those who haven't read my previous post and wants to beat Project Nexus like a boss, CLICK IT!
Also another post beside of gun creator thing, will include some scenes from Project Nexus game, which will be worth too look at them, trust me ;)

flashy flashy flash, I want it so much, I draw it on The Drawing Grounds.

EDIT Forget that part, just downloaded Flash 8 pro today. Begining to learn how to not be a noob while being a noob...Do you really need a serial key or they just want you to pay something just like WinRAR but you can still use it like forever. :P Think I fixed that, I haz FLAZ babeh, and I have no idea how to use it... Allright, I'll just start with downloading sprites and shit...

What might/will I do?

Posted by Igyzone - November 10th, 2012

Let the shitload of reading revealing begin!!!


Story - 1.0 (Project Nexus)


Grunts - Standard noobs, waiting to get killed.

1337 Agents - Enemy with this class or up, has the ability to dodge. But this guys can only dodge a bullet or few...

A.T.P. engineers- Enemys from this class or up, have a TAC-BAR - some kind of instant armor that needs to get beaten before the enemy dies. Luckily engineers have the lowest tac-bar and yellow blood spreads right after that.

A.T.P. soldats - They are more tuff than engineers, beacuse they have more powerfull tac-bar and they like to dodge more.

AWESOME NOTICE: Sometimes you don't really need to wait their long time dodging. Some dogdgings like slidng or falling down or something like that, can be break-throughable at the moment when the enemy puts his head up, so you can kill him before his body gets up again.

Heavies: G03LM (Gray armor dude) - okay to beat this guy is simple. (I'm sure you all know that who are reading this but what the hell...) You need to bash him up untill his helmet falls down and then it's headshot killing time.

G03LM Mk2 (Red armor dude) - this guy is triple times more tuff to beat. Same as gray armor dude, you need to bash him up untill his helmet falls down. You can see your progress bashing him when his helmet starts to fall apart. (1st hole, second hole and then it falls down, super multi headshot spree time and then it dies. Beetwen helmet injuries he gets a bit stunned, leaving you more time to do what you want to.) Oh and you might want to avoid his minigun.

AWESOME HINT: Sprint + bash = stunnes the heavy for a few seconds, leaving you more time to focus on whatever you do best for.

MAG agent: N (boss) - give him all the firepower you can get. If you are close to him he will bash you like an insect, otherwise if you are out of bash range, he will (as I call it) »Power accurate shot« you. When he gets injured bad enough and falls down he will only try to shoot you with no bash and no power shots, so from there it's a piece of cake.

SPECIAL WARNING NOTE: Power accurate shot: every enemy has it. The higher the class, the higher the chance he'll engage it. Also higher the class is, shorter the amount of time takes it to finish the shoot. Some amateur people think it's useless to escape it, but of course there's a way. In fact there are MORE WAYS to defend it:

- Dodge (spacebar, at the moment he is about to shoot. To know that, look carefully at the loading circle bar)
- Take cover behind an object (spacebar when near one)
- Block it with a melee weapon (hold spacebar when you are holding one)
- Get close enough in melee range and he'll miss you (lol)
- Get to the same vertical line as he is and he will not be able to aim at you so he'll miss.
- Hard: Get far out of the shooting range.
- Kill him before he execute it.
- Sometimes he gets stunned and quits power shoot if you throw a wepon at him (do not depend on that)

Story - 1.5 (Ground Zero)


Riot guards - They function excatly the same as A.T.P. soldats.

Doctors - Guess what they do? Nothing. Well they try to melee a zombie = epic fail and becomes one of them, lol. Have you noticed that in first level you can't kill non-zombie doctors, but on the second level you can. Not to mention a bug when you go back to Hoffnar room and you will find another Hoffnar there! xD

Zombies - You probably played a zombie game before so you know a bit how it goes. They have about TRIPLE times more health than regular enemys of the same class. The good thing is when there's a zombie riot agent, it doesn't have the tac-bar and so you can kill it far more easier. Don't let them grab you or you're dead meat when the tac-bar dissapears.

GOOD HINT: Headshots. They do more damage and can kill a grunt or 1337 agent instantly with just a 1 bullet of any weapon. Also power weapons make their head blow off, making them unable to get up again for those who have the ability for.

Abominations (Red nutcase crazys) - These guys are totally mad. They run to you and do a knock kick with head or legs. They are faster than any dudes. Once they fall down once, they'll get up again and free their hands so they can grab you like zombies. Unlike zombie grabs, they keep headpunching you dealing heavy damage and ignoring your tac-bar. Sometimes you're lucky and get their head blow off so they can't get up again.

IMPORTANT HINT trapped in zombie/abomination grabs? This is very annoying, the basics to get out of the grab are taping left and right button, but usually when you get out of the grab, you get grabed again! To avoid that, you need to dodge the moment you get released.

AWESOME HINT Speed runing. Just as I mentioned before, grabs are annoying. lets say a horde of zombies/abominations are aproaching to you and you get cornered and you realise, you wont have enough time to shot them all before they get to you. Solution? Yes, BALLS! In other words you need to do a badass move. Run (sprint, dobule tap left or right) through them and I can almost guarantee, you wont be grabed (enemy grabs are slow so that's why you got good change to avoid it). But I rather dodge through them, beacuse of the increased no grabing chance. ;)

Sleepwalker patients (Generator-detonator mummys) - those are annoying as shit. They can get up (revived) twice and get you blown off when they detonate once they fall the third time. To avoid that, either stay off the blow radius, or head shooting enough to make their head fall apart, and get lucky when they wont be able to get revived. BE CAREFUL, they can steal the weapon from your hands (Sometimes zombies do that too).

Heavys: Giant Sleepwalker - The only difference is that they can auto-knock punch you, making you drop your weapon. The ONLY WAY to kill it, is with headshots. Shoot them in the head untill it falls apart, otherwise they'll get up again unlimited times and you're fucked.

Mag Agent: Gestalt
There is only one way to kill it and includes bullets. You might consider dodging everytime he wants to jump on you. Try to ignore the agents, and they will ignore you as well, as long as the biggy is closer to them then you are. Same goes for red nutcase crazys. It's best to focus on one part: body or the head. I suggest the body, beacuse for the head it takes more aiming work.

Boss: Phobos
Information: This guy can get you killed with your own bullets, so try not to shoot him when he has his sword equiped, he'll deflect 75% bullets to you. His sword is also very powerful so don't get near him otherwise you'll be dead quickly.
1st battle: CHEAT - He gets away once his tac bar falls down (only once) and you also have time to kill him before he starts to battle (I think he first starts tiny rapidly jumping to get prepeared, lol) Also there's temoraray a bug, when you beat him, go back, and back to that room, then you will face him again, lol.
2nd battle (final) - I don't remember, how many times must his tac-bar fall down, just don't let him recover his bar back, otherwise more work. He often equips to TMP (uzi kinda like weapon), so no sword deflecting for you. But then again he starts jumping like crazy. Aim carefully and use your special dark beam ability to beat him down.

AWESOME TEAMMATE HINT: Teammates such as Sanford and Diemos (when you are playing as Hank at first level) or Hoffnar at 1.5 story when you get to him, they do not care a weapon at first. They will grab the first weapon that falls down, so you probably got mad a bit, when they picked up a rusty knife in front of all cool fireweapons. So I suggest as you can have 2 weapons, you can throw one directly to him and he'll go fetch it like a dog his bone. ^^

I'm very sorry about my lack of better knowledge I had before, beacuse a few weeks ago I got my file accidently erased (there goes my 40.000 bodycount and hope for the genocider medal).

To master the arena mode, you first need to focus on skill points, I suggest you go all fill them all 1 by 1 and in the end they are all. Of course those were for the physycal abilitys, for the weapons I first suggest for the hands, melee pistols and later SMGs (beacuse those will be first weapons to attack you.) You really DON'T need to buy any weapons, you can simply pick them up in the arena, then you left them in the armory, go back there again, bring them here again,...= profit.

As you saw, you can also instead of random recruits buy the all known famous guys from madness world. The BEST 3 are: Hank, Jesus, and Tricky. Buy them first, or at least the other madness memebers if you're not so lucky. You don't need to buy them random rectuits, they are not really that good and the maximum level of the random guys is 25. If you want to hire them too, then choose the ones who are wearing some good armor or have several good abilitys.

Best to choose which weapons you are best to deal with it and take. If you really want to buy one, I strongly suggest, you buy one with UPGRADES. By that I mean with scopes, laser sights, silencers...
Scope increases accuracy, while laser sight increases fire reach. I'm not really sure, what does silencer do, it does make less noise, but I think it reduces the recoil so you can shoot more accurate as well. Oh, and the yellow color only makes the gun look cooler.

SPECIAL GUN HINT: Shotguns. I heard a lot of people that shotguns suck. Maybe they do but if you activate the slow motion ability and fire with it, you'll realise the opposite. You only need to be accurate, and the slow motion ability helps a lot.

WARNING NOTE : M203 (Grenade launcher) is the only weapon that can hurt/kill you, so when launching a greande, be sure that target is far away and not near you or you will join the fallen group.

AWESOME NOTE: enemys with Tac-Bar: As I sad before, agents and higher class dudes have it. In the story mode you read that melee and shooting from behind is the best option, but I don't really think so. I suggest a right weapon, it needs to have strong firepower, not so rapid but automatic fire, and good range. Those are such as AK47, FAL, some of the SMGs...

If you have money, it's better to buy armor then weapons. And buy those that really offer some protection!!! And don't get too cocky about it, choose only the armor you can wear it, depending on your level ability that can allow (light, medium, heavy).

In combat:
As I don't remember, here's a thing you need to be aware of...watch carefully at which level are you playing, so you can expect (once you die and start again) at which level higher ranked guys start to come in, and when do the better weapons come in, when do the first and later others Heavys come in......and so on...

I didn't played zombie mode much but one thing is for sure: IT'S FREAKING HARD! Zombies everywhere, not giving up so easily and in the end you are outnumbered and eaten alive. There is a thing you should now. Beacuse the zombie mode is so much harder than normal arena mode, NEVER switch sides in the middle of combat. For instance you are in level 30 in arena mode, you get curious and you suddenly decide to enter zombie arena mode. Beacuse you haven't died yet, you start from the level, you just left the previous arena: 30... 30 in zombie arena!!!! FFFFFFUUUUU you're dead. The only thing left that can save is the next option I will mention below.

Lets say you are in level 50 an you are in critical health and about to die. What do you do? You probably think No, I don't want to start this whole shit over again!!! Well I got news for you. The MAIN MENU BUTTON (top right, also acts as a pause button in first click) can get you OUT OF THIS MESS :D!!! You only get back at the main menu, so you only have to restart the previous level again. Awesome isn't it? ;)
And for that »cheat« you can also try to find a teammate you just lost, back to your position, or when trying to find an awesome weapon or armor.

Have you ever asked, when you upgrade your abilitys to the max, why do you still keep leveling up? Well if you think that from there you are leveling up for nothing, you're wrong. You still gain maximum health increase and that is important!
Sooooo I think that's it. I might still edit it, due to any grammar and other mistakes I did, and if any other stuff that missed my mind before and would like to put them in as well. If you have a good question about the game and it's not answered here, please comment below! :D

Edit: few more stuff added. ;)
Edit2: 20 fans??? 2 in 1 day, wow is it becuse of this or just random lucknyess?
Edit3: Another few hints added. :D

Oh look, I found this lost picture which I wanted to erase it long ago and forgot.

Project Nexus: Ultimate Survival Guide

Posted by Igyzone - November 6th, 2012

I might consider becoming a politician....
(The survival guide might ne finished by this weekend)
No need to search for that guy, he's still young with mind that might quick get to some misunderstandings. Everyone probably faced with some exapmles of their own. Even I did :P

Was I clear enough?

Posted by Igyzone - October 30th, 2012

Allright, bunch of stuff I want to do, so here are the details:

Madness Characters: Finished for now.
Guns : 2 out of 3, damn this one is going to take a bit longer, the reason is I don't want to screw it up, beacuse that gun needs some respect ;)
Other : I might do something as introduction with a sign Madness Combat, but I intend to complete it a year after. :P ALSO did you guys see my pumpkin I made for halloween at Carve n' Share? You can see it here under my shared creations, I named it "Cold Flame" :D

Scene creations "scene creator":
Madness: The day I made this post, I made this one: Best one yet so far :D
Non Madness: Yep, there's something else I'm doing instead of "madness"....for instance METAL SLUG :D
QUESTION: Is there posible to capture a GIF with print screen button, or you need something else to capture??? :/
I might take a quick break from doing scenes, have something else in my mind to do...

Those are and will be all from my old notebooks, the paper is quite damaged, but it should be ok. Problem #2 is that is hard to take a good accurate snapshot (with my phone). Problem #3 is that I want to put all the lists together one by one shot and together in one picture. And problem #4 is that if obey the rule #3 situation and put them all lists together as one picture in art portal, there might be some thinking to do about the placement and the order reading....

Project Nexus ultimate survival guide:
Ya umm well er....I'll do it allright, just need to write down all the things I can think of in this game. Either comment about the question thing I asked before, or think of a question about project nexus and I might put them on a "to anwer list" as well :3
Like for instance:
The hell is that and how do you kill it? Seriously man, this shit looks dead allready.
Answer: Oh that beasty thing? There is only one way to kill it and includes bullets. You might consider dodging everytime he wants to jump on you. Try to ignore the agents, and they will ignore you as well, as long as the biggy is closer to them then you are. Same goes for red nutcase crazys .


Posted by Igyzone - October 20th, 2012

You are probably wondering, about what am I talking about, especially the "BIG" word right? Patience please, you'll know soon enough and it will be good for you, really ;)

I'm thinking about publishing some of my art, mostly old and other art that is from somebody else ( please remain calm, I'll explain everything )
The "other" art I mean't, most of you guys remember this post where you all intead of responsing to the topic, talking about how cool profile look I have, lol. So I decided to put them here:
and HERE
Let me repeat this again, the art WAS NOT CREATED BY ME!! They were created by tomtyke ok? :P

As for my art, I'll publish them on the art portal, they were all years ago created, and I have about 5-6,6+? arts ready and not so ready (I'll explain ) to submit. I don't want to rush and submit all of them in one day so I'll just publish 2 of them first and later another 2 + 1 + 1 +.... The first two are (is) my first madness character ever created. One on jpg, other on gif. the other two arts are 2 of 3 fully completed handgun designs. the third is not completed yet....And when you see them, don't think I'm artistic or anything, I have managed to draw them that only beacuse I have real models in front of my face, LOL.

About comics I have made them alot on paperwork when I was omly about...5 years...lol, so don't expect anything awesome when I submit some of them :P By some o them I mean such as the most known stick figure Xiao Xiao and Madness I only made a copy of Madness Combat 1 and half of Madness Combat 2 :/

As for the "big" significance, I'll show you guys on my next news post. It's about the famous madness game Madness: Project Nexus. To be exact, Project Nexus ULTIMATE SURVIVAL guide!!! So there you have it. Why do I call it as something big? Well It's beacuse there will be lots of answer reading there about every good question I can think of and you would like to put. Not sure, when will I decide to do it, lets say about 10-20 days after this post. Or when energy beats my lazyness ;)

ALSO another thing: I really enjoy doing madness scenes from madness scene creator games here on NG such as this one (same as you see it below) Should I submit them in the art portal as well? Maybe I will anyway but to be sure, I want to hear some feedback before I do that. ;D

Fan of me? why not :D
YouTube is like my favourite thing right after Newgrounds

Art, comics and something BIG!

Posted by Igyzone - October 10th, 2012

Haven't you seen it yet??? FFFFFFFUUUUUUU....

Anyways yeah, just like I more or less expected it. I mean come on, money prizes could have ben bigger than that right? Shit, and I thought, only our country (Slovenia is at stake - deciding to ask the European Nation for financial support) is in crysis...

ALSO big thanks to:

- AuditorMaster3000
- blackshoot
- Bucker9000
- Cenoxium
- Dchuyv
- gamesluis (new)
- gibb50
- LiCiLiCa
- liuzirui1122
- madyellowblood
- Maxj03
- nick251
- oscarhejde (new)
- Partexed
- Penazoris
- porkyspine1
- sean1694
- SileNt-Sam
- silver2soul
- TimFelt
- Xiemens
- XXXX1234
For being my fans of course :3 Man I wish of a one famous guy to appear here like Krinkels....damn it, need to stop daydreaming ~.~

Join the army, soldier! No? Oh well, at least have some fun then. Ever wondered, how crazy is Nevada...

MD 2012 winners announced + fan list

Posted by Igyzone - September 29th, 2012

So who do you think, that is going to take the main prizes? It would be cool, if you make your own post about it and choose yours. Either that, or simply COMMENT BELOW! So yeah, that's what this post is about. Oh, you want to hear my thoughts? Allright, here I go: :P

TOP MOVIE : When they want you dead
It's a pure winner for me and if you like it or not. Here's my review of it, to make you more understand why:
3D, special effects, from time to ti time changebale animation style.
Long and massive file, loads of action, sad story with a strong and important lesson.
Also I'm really happy, that this belongs to madness, beacuse the main fighters have similiar personality as those on madness combat series! Here's what I see:
THE MAIN TWO FIGHERS: They cooperate themselves like Sanford and Diemos (one of them dies just like in madness combat).
THE MAIN TARGET GUY: He's important just like the Sheriff and gets killed in the end.
FLAMING SKULL: Revives dead guys to zombies - Jesus; madbigmode - Tricky; flamingbeams - The Auditor
BUTCHERED GUY: crazy attacks - Tricky; ability to get bigger while eating/absorbing bodys - The Auditor
THE BIG GUY: Just like a MAG agent, the most similiar V3 the one that was still in progress.

TOP GAME : Madness Clay Destruction
Awesome game, for me, Madness Lunacy was good, but this one with plasticine made figures is marvelous!
Should have type some more stuff in that review, like great choice of mouse control aim with 8 side looks, good number of weapons and powerups and other stuff...

TOP MUSIC : To tell you the truth, I haven't ben listening much of it, but here are the two quite awesome ones: =(The Nightmare)= and Bafanas Madness [2012].

TOP ART : It's hard to decide, but I think Descend into Madness ( chosen as my this time post image ) takes the 1st place, the tough runner ups are Dive to Madness and King Of The Madness.

Want to become my fan? :3
My YouTube channel seriously needs more views and there's a good reason why....

So these are my picks, now pick your ones and let me know ;)

Decide your Madness Day 2012 winners