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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - March 15th, 2013

I even made a comic for this awesome moment, check it out :D

Yeah. that moment, when you realise that I'm one of the first to earn this Madness: Project Nexus game medal from + 5 milion users that played and are still playing this game! imagine, my account will stay in that place forever and everyone can see it. FUCKYEAH! >:D

if a chance, you can't see that comic, here's the short made version :3

That moment...

Posted by Igyzone - March 5th, 2013

Except the part, I bought Crysis 3 Hunter edition and played it as long as I could in that week day off, that it's gone now. This game is beast at story mode as well as incredible multiplayer mode. Snipers? That's so last season, hunter bows are now in fashion >:D

And Army of Two: The Devil's cartel is coming 26th March. This might be the last PS3 game I'll buy, due to financial crysis and fact, that my 5 year old fat box is at its last final remaining breaths. :(

Did a random news check for this game. Found this new trailer. Best one yet!

Go full screen and watch at 720px. THAT'S AN ORDER! *joke* xD

EDIT - Free demo on March 12 + ANOTHER AWESOMATIC VIDEO, revealing a great story full of vengeance!

Posted by Igyzone - February 22nd, 2013

A whole week of non-school teaching, just what I needed, althrough I know, it will end fast ):< ...
Time to buy Crysis 3, this game is a blast and now is the best time to test this beast.

In the meantime, I downloaded Call of Duty 2 (again beacuse of the sudden file erase) and started playing random online servers. Some of them are fucked up genius!

And now I want to draw something. I think I know, who am I going to draw from inspiration.
EDIT - i'm now a police officer, armed with police baton. A true poilceman :)
Notice this guy? :D

Vacation time!

Posted by Igyzone - February 13th, 2013

Just got all my scene creations deleted by M-bot, ordered by I know who and reported by I know who as well. In this case, if you are my fan/friend and got your scenes deleted to, than it's probably my fault, beacuse mine was first reported and then some shit happened, my apologies...

From now on, the art must be fully made by you, or else *poof* and it's gone. The somewhat good news from this is that beacuse of this, it gave me motivation to start doing on something I promised before. Remember, when I mentioned: humanity crysis in this century? Well I intend to make a comic out of it. Not sure, when will it be completed though. It might be released in more parts. (Untill I figure the story plot) More important about this comic will be the holy load text than my crappy drawing, that's all I can tell.

Left guy - me; right guy - random politician

What now?

Posted by Igyzone - February 5th, 2013

Well that was an awesome field trip. All the landmarks and amazing technology they have there like trains underground and overground with no driver OMG! :o

And as for stuff I buyed there, the best thing I buyed there, was PLAY magazine with all the reviews and conversations about the PS3 for this year, fucking awesome! They also mentioned my Army of Two game as a possibly and surprisingly top incoming shooter, wohoo! :D

Still, the most wanted thing I wanted to buy there, wasn't available, and the internet sad they had, fucking liars! Not to mention my sister wanted something there too (makeup eeeeww, that was real embarrassing! D: )

Anyways I'm back now, back to walking in my boring school. I intend to make a post about a massive conversation about humanity crysis in this century. Really, I already tried this somewhere, but people who know nothing else but Facebook and YouTube, just don't know, what am I talking about. >:( I hope there are smarter people here on Newgrounds.

And here's me in the moment before I killed Bieber. Sorry JB, but somebody had to.

I'm back! :D

Posted by Igyzone - January 26th, 2013

31.1.2012 - 2.2.2012

Just a few days but It will be worth it...


Seriously, this was my dream since I was a kid. Well my first wish was America New York, but I think this wish will stay as nostalgia for the rest of my life. My goal there is not to watch the landmarks, taking photos of it or other crap even though that's my "mission" as I'm going there in a school field trip. I want to buy something you can't buy here. by something I meant everything, and by everything I mean waste all the money I have! Also I want to talk to english people there to prove myself to teacher, how "oldschool" does she teach english in our class. Seriously, who says "You have a got figure"? They say "You have a good body." Or they just say: "You look sexy!" xD

Hope I'll take this lifetime opportunity to the maximum level!

Feel like a sir!

Nostalgia, but it's happening!

Posted by Igyzone - January 19th, 2013

Have ben a bit layed off these days, just changing my life ^^

For instance, I decided to go back to my old life work. I sayed "old" beacuse I was inactive for a few years, now I came back. This site called "dober.si" (translate: you're.good, LMAO xD) is a gaming site mostly dedicated and first created forPS3. It has got all the games that exist in the present and future. It's like GameTrailers, just a bad copy, but made especially for us that live in a tiny country which is technically remarkable. :D

I go there to post pictures and videos for choosen games. I really like it there, you can (at least I can since I'm probably the only one here who knows my language here) look for the latest gaiming news and chit chat all of your thoughts about games or other software/hardware stuff...

If you guys ever want to check it out, just hope you have a language define program or something...
besides, let me help you: You can read the console names on the first tab (like PS3), click and then look for a blank gray bar on black background on the right. That's the search bar, "isci" means "search" so type the game you want and find your goal. There you have it. ^_^

Speaking of games, my most wanted game Army of Two: The Devil's cartel has another BADASS new video for you, CHECK THE FUCK OUT!!!

------------------------------------------------ Lets blow some shit up! ---------------------------------------------

Random post 2

Posted by Igyzone - January 9th, 2013

Just something fresh to put the old new year post away...

vatscool needs more support to make his JOHNNY ROCKETFINGERS 3 game, if you want to help him him too, LIKE THIS DAMN FACEBOOK PAGE!

What else? Ok uhhh....Just managed to get 9th place of all in The Rose is Blooming, fun game, but if you want to get to 500+ days, it'll be a boring hell.

Oh and another thing. Since we all like games, what kind of game you want most in 2013? I would definitely buy GTA V and Crysis 3, just need to wait for a release...fuck.

But the best game I want this year, it's coming in the end of March. It's a third-person shooter, but If you guys like playing co-op, I strongly recommend to buy the third installment of ARMY OF TWO :The Devil's Cartel It's simply amazing enough to know that all three parts of this game were made completely different, but enough of the past, this one is made with the powerful Frosbite 2 engine, the same that made the all known Battlefield 3!!!. Army Of two in all three parts is mostly known of it's incredible biggest massive arsenal of guns you can customize. Not to mention great advanced co-op, with all the giving orders, covering fire, overkills, and all the action you can imagine.

Now you probably want to see something of this, intsead of just reading my bluff type, ok here's an awesome trailer:

And there's always something to laff between those two guys xD Anyways for me it's a must have!!!

Random post

Posted by Igyzone - December 31st, 2012

Another year of my life wasted. This was the worst year in history of our country, people who heard of Slovenia this year, will remember it as a country with top of dissatisfaction, violence and protesting. :(

But lets forget that, hope this year gets better than this, it can't get any worse than this, right....right?
I will remember this year in a positive way, the year I finally made an account here and the year I have met such wonderful friends here!!! :D

Especially just few days ago, IsaacHunter, an old friend from Facepunch (read this post about it), finally replied to me here in Newgrounds for the first time, and this was one of the best days I have experienced! So let me shortly introduce him to you guys. He is also very creative with his madness art (Love this one!) and deserves the same amount of notice like me. Even more!
We had some interesting conversations and he wants to animate just like I want to as well. If a person has a good human support, then his motivation will definitely go up and start doing something better and better! :)

That's it for this year, have a great fireworks day :D and without any injuries, please! :P

Thanks to nick251 , I wanted to do another Madness scene (santa Jesus, lol) but it looks too sucky for my art page...

New year is here!

Posted by Igyzone - December 23rd, 2012

...year. So suck my d*** people that thought the world is going to end by a stupid mayan calendar and not Mayans who never predicted a thing like this.

Anyway what's new? Well the news are....Nothing actually. Just wanted to make a new post and maybe little to say something below...

Since the Newgrounds Social, I hated it at first beacuse having people as fans was good enough allready so that thing was necessary. But now I see the difference. If you are a fan of someone, that doesn't mean that guy is fan of you too, unlike friends that works two-way. It's still stupid with that option to have friends as family, seriously what member of family do I have here. Nobody of them has ever heard of newgrounds. Maybe a brother would if I had one, but who else would...
Also it's cool to see if you're friends are active or not. For really sensitive persons, they think this is like breaking privacy...

Ok, lets talk about other stuff. What do you want for christmas? How are you going to celebrate new year? Are your socks on fire? Just something interesting....

My YouTube channel has got some new stuff, check it out! Like this one, merry christmas guys! >:D


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