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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - June 1st, 2013

That is how it works in my country.

fail #1: NEWS = HISTORY Yesterday one of the main News report themes was when some of our men found Kicstarter HOLY SHIT, WHAT IS THIS AWESOME SITE THAT WE HAVE JUST DISCOVERED, WHICH I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS SITE FOR 4 YEARS ALLREADY?!!?!?

fail #2: COURT RULES?
We have arrested a guy, who stole a million euros from a local bank.
- Punishment = 5 years of jail.

And now we have arrested a guy, responsible for the bankrupt of a national major power plant building and harmed their workers for half a million that people collected for charity + not giving them salary for more than 3 months.
- Punishment = 1-2 years of jail or some months of socially useful work.

+ ^that guy was bringed in front of the court and beg for mercy, beacuse his health state is too bad to be in jail. Few days later he applied to do some socially useful work. And I was like : OMG HE SUDDENLY GOT COMPLETELY RECOVERED, WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?! *complete sarcasm*

Our banks need around billion euros to fix the black hole. One of the solutions, declared by politicians (of course) is lowering salarys to industrial and farm workers. I'm like: GREAT IDEA! LET THEM TOOK ALL OF OUR MONEY, BEACUSE WE DONT HAVE ANY OF IT LEFT BEACUSE YOU LOWERED OUR SALARYS LAST YEAR AND YEAR BEFORE THAT! GUESS WHAT, I DON'T REMEMBER LOWERING SALARYS FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR!

+ Another solution is firing more workers. I'm like "WORKERS = PROFIT; NO WORKERS = NO PROFIT, FREE MONEY = WHERE!?!?!?

And there are many many more fails to write them down, but if i would continue it this way, I would rather make a book out of it.

We are proving that our educational system really is failing.

Posted by Igyzone - May 21st, 2013

Yeah, title says it all. Again...
So hold tight, once I get threw, I'll catch up all the lost time. At least I hope...another school year is ending and I'm in critical state again! every year is the same, I get threw it by a real tight close one everytime. It's either luck or some funny fate...

Also, have you read my previous post? Yes? And have you see the first or second part of the NINJA ACTION series? No? Well this movie has ALL the 18 Madness elements I mentioned in the previous post. (except the magic part, but that one is stupid)

Well that's a mess...

School is the reason, why I'm so offline here!

Posted by Igyzone - May 12th, 2013

Made me remember when I was making this post, lol.

Anyway as I said before, I'm gona show you guys, what does best Madness flash have to include:

Keep the move in the groove, if you know what I mean. Just watch Hank for example. And when walking, jumping or other moving performances, follow the real gravity rules. If the place takes on Earth, than it must feel like the Earth and not on moon.

Beacuse using only 1 weapon in whole movie is lame. Also, holding 2 weapons at the same time is pure madness like.

DON'T make them just stare at you and die! Also don't make most of them armed with melee weapons, if we are talking about agents, it's so wrong.

While we're at it, when bullets become too mainstream, it's time to switch to cold murder mode. This is what makes a protagonist more professional.

Beacuse overkills are always badass.

6) CQC - Close Quarter Combat
Your hands can kill too!

If you obey the rules of reality, you are not unstoppable and need to advance with useful tactics.

Like I said, you're not unstoppable. At least a bullet or two hits you from somewhere, slowing your advantage, causing more dramatic action. People want to see that.

Althrough madness keeps saying "no reason", there's ALWAYS a reason to kill. And someone must try to stop you from achieving your goal.

Fighting only indoors or outdoors? Why not both? :)

There are far more ways to kill than just a bullet to the head.

Multi-protagonists means Multi-fun. :)

Beacuse blowing shit up is always fun.

If you're a badass, then you need to look like one. And your enemies can't be all grunts or only agents. It's boring. Mix them up beacuse this is Madness!

If you want to show a point, where things get out of control, then this is your answer. Second stage mode activated!

Usually people in Madness world can't talk. That's why they use pantomime to communicate. Luckily they can read too. :P

By that I mean VEHICLES. You can't go nowhere if you don't have them. They are also great killing tools and if you start killing in the midle of a driving truck, makes the madness animation something really special.

18) GORE!
How could I forget the main point of madness, lol... Madness loves a great bloody massacre!

And as for the movie itself, you should know this too:

1) NAME!
Think of a good name, don't make it too long and it's mostly name, if you include the word "Madness" since it's ben used million times already, unless if the second word is completely original.

People started to use lots of Dubstep these days. I recommend this genre for shorter madness vids. For the long vids, I suggest something that includes electronic rhythm. Also make the music adjusted to the video length and for the best effect, adjust the most emphasis music parts with the most epic moments in your madness flash.

The longer, the better, right? Of course. But don't make it look slow, main point of Madness is not about the story, but ACTION!

Ok, I think I'm done. Might think of another thing or two to put it here. In the meantime, I hope this helps you guys to understand all about madness ^_^

Posted by Igyzone - May 10th, 2013

Lets just say, I want to make a new post (which I technically did, but that's not it) and got many ideas, but just can't seem to choose the right one.
As I did told you before, I'm a gamer and want to post something about it. Either that or something about madness. Here are my thoughts, what would you like to see/read first?

a) - Call of Duty 2 awesome cracked servers + command list tool.
b) - Some great Android games!
c) - Properties to make the best madness flash ever made!
d) - Few NG newer games and movies you might missed it.
e) - My Crysis 3 short review + win/fail gameplay score moments.

So, what's first? ._.

EDIT: So it's c, ey? Well, time to write down those things in a note and then post it here, before I forget them :)
- Might be done by tomorrow...

Posted by Igyzone - April 30th, 2013

Yeah, title says it all. I'm 18 now, which means I can start driving and gamble and voting and sex and change my name and get arrested and adopt a child and buy tobacco drugwineshit and donate blood and go to a nightclub and get married and get divorced...

Well this is how my life is going into some of those ways. Admit it, you probably at least one of these things before you turned 18. I didn't do any of them which most of my friends think I'm weird. IS IT REALLY ME WHO IS WEIRD?

Okay, back to positive thinking. I would like to thank ALL of my friends and fans for making me better person. Trust me, I know, what I'm talking...

I introduce you the GLORY FAN WALL
- 00500000000000000000
- ADDqd
- alejandrobasauri
- AuditorMaster3000
- blackshoot
- Bucker9000
- Cenoxium
- Dawcio510
- Dchuyv
- Elias-Z
- gamesluis
- Ghastslime12
- gibb50
- LiCiLiCa
- liuzirui1122
- ljhamm (new)
- madyellowblood
- Maxj03
- MetalBooster
- nick251
- oscarhejde
- Partexed
- Penazoris
- pogamessi999 (new)
- porkyspine1
- R4y
- sean1694
- shooterdash
- SileNt-Sam
- silver2soul
- TheDubstepFreak
- TimFelt
- Xiemens
- XMG452 (new)
- XXXX1234
- zemort91
NOTICE: If you become my fan after this post was created, you'll be added to fan wall as long as this post is active.

So Thanks x 33 +3, guys, you made me turn from nobody into a somebody. :)

Ok, here's a random Crysis 3 screenshot killcam post, where my PS3 frezzed. The guy in the picture is me and we both got killed. A super rare direct frame hit, when my gun flashed the whole dark room. Awesome :D

And another thing. In the future I'll probably start making posts that are 90% all about games. Is that OK, guys? I'm a gamer after all... :P

Happy birthday, dear myself!

Posted by Igyzone - April 22nd, 2013

Well, to tell you the truth, I have no time to animate. No, wait, that's a lie. The real truth is that I got a little free time, but that gets spended in games, mostly on Call of Duty 2 multiplayer.
If anybody is interested on playing cracked servers, I got a tiny list of my best choosen gametypes for this game. Will mention them in my next + next news post only, if I get at least few requests.

So to the main point, I keep promising myself, I'll start doing something. Either art or animating, maybe even both, hellyeah. Just need to wait till summer. I might publish another old hand drawn comic I made years ago, when I was a kid, just like I did for Johnny Rocketfingers.

AND if I really get back to animating, it's all thanks to this video!!! :D It's a real basic animation flash tutorial!

P.S.- there are more episodes of this tutorial, but as for animating Madness, that should've ben enough. :P
My birthday is aproaching. Will not tell when, but I'm going to make a special birthday post, dedicated to my fans. ;)

Posted by Igyzone - April 15th, 2013

As for me, we got new painted walls in our apartment. (nope, not white anymore) My room is painted light blue and almost every stuff there I got is light blue, so it feels like I'm in heaven. Just like the song: Feels like heaven xD

Ok, now we go worldwide. Have you heard the next PSY (From the most known Gangnam style) song Gentleman? My opinion: Nope, not as awesome as before, but the video is fucking hilarious!!! XD

Now, if you got money, please back this project, I'm talking about the sequel of DE_dust 2 as whole series!!

And here's one of my trophies I threwed away shortly. A day later one of my friends saw this picture and said, he would gave me 10 bucks for this. So I quickly ran back to the garbage can and it was empty.
FML (Fuck My Life)

Some random news.

Posted by Igyzone - April 4th, 2013

....fuckin' MASTERPIECE!
Please tell me you are a fan or at least know Dick Figures series. I'm a fan since of its existence!!! :D

Not sure, where did I got this BADASS GIF! :D

You guys have to see this...

Posted by Igyzone - April 1st, 2013

...after finishing mygaming marathon, I simply came back to see what's new in newgrounds, and now I'm all like "WTF IS THIS SHIT!?" I've never seen so many ridicuolus movie and game parodies at once in my entire life.

Just look at this screen for Gods sake, what the hell is newgrounds becoming?
Dragon Ball, Dead space, Adventure time, even mixtures with Dragon Ball and Pokemon as well as The Fairly Odd Parents with Team Fortress. Also "The Man From mars and The Leperchaun are not real animations, but just darn music videos. And worse, it's not a April fools joke, beacuse they were uploaded before.

With no more original ideas, it's forward to the past for our humanity. -_-

Beside april fools...

Posted by Igyzone - March 28th, 2013

Sorry, for not being here so often, I should change that in the next few days or weeks...

I'm working for school, at least I was suppose to. Instead of this, I'm on a GAMING MARATHON!

I know, that school is first, but can you imagine your parents gone away for few days, leaving you completely free to do whatever you want??? :O


So I'm kicking some Crysis 3 ass and the game I just bought today, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Both games kick ultra ass. I just hope, I won't fail school beacuse of this D:

Busy doing useless stuff.