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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - August 5th, 2013

Anything! I'll answer it with all my power!

P.S. - I'm bored...

EDIT - Harder!!!

Ask me something!

Posted by Igyzone - August 2nd, 2013

Have you ben ever invinted by P-Bot for private monthly voting? I got selected for the 3rd time in a row. -_-

If you haven't ben invinted before, here's what it says everytime:

Choose your top 10 favorite entries for July, 2013 from the following submissions!
This pool of nominees for best Newgrounds contribution was drawn from the daily top five award winners and submissions showcased on the front page.
You are part of a select panel of users who are responsible for picking the top ten entries. We can't force your vote, but we would prefer the winners to be:

- Not pornographic – that stuff doesn't need help getting noticed
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We also prefer to award submissions that do not make use of copyrighted material. For example, if an author uses his own music or music from the Audio Portal, this should make his work more favorable than someone who uses a copyrighted song. Also, authors who create original characters should be favored over those who use copyrighted characters. We all love a good parody, though, so don't count them out. Our goal is to reward the most talented and deserving artists, not just those who seek mass appeal. Sometimes the most deserving work doesn't get the spotlight on Newgrounds; we think this private voting panel helps to rectify that.

And for July I choosed this. Of course I haven't watched or played not even half of all nominated (around 200) but at least those I think that were good enough... :P

1st - The Peacekeeper (game)
2nd - Hitman Joe In: Level 50 (movie)
3rd - The Honey Plot (movie)
4th - Sift heads Cartels Act 1 (game)
5th - Wrong Number(movie)
6th - Incident 111a (movie)
7th - Minecraft TNA Part 16 (movie)
8th - Incident 123A (movie)
9th - Let's Go Jaywalking (game)
10th - Crash Does A Thing (movie)

This again? ...sigh

Posted by Igyzone - July 31st, 2013

Another Dick Figures movie trailer holy crap! :o

So now we know, the movie will be released on 17th September. Oh my god, GTA V gets released on that day as well! I'm so skipping school that day!!!

What is this?

Posted by Igyzone - July 25th, 2013

Hope you guys like it. I Apologise for the time inconvenience.



EDIT 26th July - Higlighted words and sentences for a more readable story.

EDIT 21th Jan (2020, only you Reddit people will see this lol) - Few changes and grammar fixes.

EDIT 22nd Jan - Text is still somewhat poorly written, but grammar errors are fixed to 99%


For those first time knowing about resistance, you should first learn about these words:

Chimera - aliens, until now known only those that were human converted. Many different species exist, but Pure Chimera are original aliens.

VTOL - transport helicopter

Gray tech - a resource that Chimera uses is to build weapons and other sort.

Cloven - half human, half Chimera, originally human that were experimented with Chimera DNK

Bullseye - main Chimera assault weapon for most common species Hybrids

Teraformers - big floating chimera machines, capable of changing weather and destroying things with a blast.

Conversion centries - where they convert humans and other species.

Hive mind - Mind, that follows all of the military Chimera to same goals, controlled by an unknown source, while Feral Chimera has a separated free mind.


This is how I imagine (want) the next resistance in hope that Insomniac doesn't run short on ideas, if they ever plan to develop further with the series.

Another note: If the next Resistance (4) ever gets made, it should be made on the next Sony console (PS4, or upcoming PS5). This can be a great opportunity to start things over again. But still, many things should stay related...


After the events of Resistance 3, after disabling the wormhole and with the loss of the "Hive Mind", the Chimera presumably became disorganized and ultimately suffered many losses.


Years pass by, since the R3 victory in New York. The chimera dropships are still trying to conquer America, but because the lack of their numbers and weapons such as terraformers, they find hard to fight humans. Jack (main character) grows as a successfully strong man, but some year on a cold winter, Chimera attacks fiercely. Joseph Capelli spent all those years with his family, although he was getting weaker in his age he was still part of the military forces, defending the country from Chimera.

The year is 1971. A soldier breaks into their home, calling:

»We are under attack! We need to evacuate now!«

Susan: »Where's Joseph!?«

Soldier: »Gone! Dead! And if we don't move now, we will all die!«

While running to the VTOL, Chimera Dropship intercepts your path. One of the soldiers throws you a weapon (this is when you start gameplay) and you fight your first battle. Soon a hybrid attacks you from aside, knocking you down and breaking your weapon away. Susan saves you in the last moment, but she dies after another hybrid firing from her back. You couldn't move from this shocking point, then one of the soldier grabs your hand and pulls you in the VTOL.

The flight was long, Jack mourns for death of his mother Susan, when you cheer up, you lost your emotions and hate fills your heart, now you only want to destroy Chimera from the face of the Earth. You arrive on a deserted place, large lake and an incredibly advanced facility. When you ask someone: »Where are we?« they say, this is the Dreamland.

(In our present, also known as Area 51, the world's most secret air base, created in 1955, so it should exist in this world).

You see lots of people from all around the world, realising they are using this place for shelter. Along with the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), small towns are made for what's left for humanity. The SRPA military organisation is recruiting everyone fitting their requirements. Jack decides to live his life for war. Months pass by and Jack is accepted to SRPA group. Based on Jacks skill and intelligence (In younger years, Joseph told his son a lot about Chimera he learned, even from Dr. Malikov) you achieve the rank of lieutenant. You gain access to see their latest inventions, which your army will use in next battle.

But that was the question. Where exactly will (we) strike? Scientists with their intel show the possibly location of »The heart of the Chimera« somewhere in Russia. This will be called as operation: »Black Sun« The time is set for the major attack, but many people deny this move, believing it's a complete suicide mission. This is when Jack (Jack=you) intercepts and talks a great speech, filling their hearts with courage.

Based on intel from previous Resistance series, on 1953, Rachel Parker predicted that her team will be able to reach the Russian wall within 6 months. From that point, remains a mystery. What was still known, on June 12th 1953 at battle of Warsaw, the Allied Human forces of British and Maquis had successfully destroyed the Chimeran hud tower in Warsaw and were able to retake and liberated Poland. Colonel James Grayson was reported missing in action.

Now in present, Europe remains as a giant death zone and Britain is under heavy attack again. The first part of the major mission is getting to Britain to help fight chimera, but more importantly, recruiting more soldiers to join this mission. This operation is called: »Breakdown«

While traveling with aircraft carriers (they are combined with alien technology) over the Atlantic sea, a surprise crosses the path. While many years passed, the Chimera forces weren't sleeping. They built some kind of underwater facilities with defense systems. Now Jack has to fight them underwater! To fight in this situation, soldiers had to go into the submarines, carried by those carriers and enter the facilities. Jack discovers many new things like Gray tech and evolution water-staged Chimera....It makes you wonder, what are the Chimera searching for? Is it the Gray tech everyone talks about?

There was no time to celebrate victory, the time was now ticking. Reports were coming from Britain as they can't hold their defenses much longer. Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England were under attack, so we split up into 4 groups, every group had big numbers and equipped with heavy armory. Jack's mission was London. Just about when you dock at Bristol, Chimera intercepts our plans again. They know about our reinforcements. Now we had to fight our way to help British soldiers.

(Gameplay includes flying, driving, battles mostly in lone places; Exceptions were a small chimera stronghold and city in ruins)

In an abandoned looking house, Jack recognizes a human female scream. You burst in and kill two Hybrid bastards, which were about to kill a girl, hiding in the basement. She introduces to you as Angela Cartwright (daughter of Stephen Cartwright, Major and now as a General, she existed in intel of previous series) and she is looking for her father. Although she is a Colonel, she can't hide her feelings for parents. You successfully travelled with her to London where Cartwright gives you a new rank: Captain, as a repay of saving his daughter.

Now it was time for the great East assault. British Intel gatherance reports that west Europe isn't much hostile and can be cleaned easily all the way to Poland. It's pretty weird, in those years Chimera haven't occupied the loner lands of Europe. And not a single clue was known on the other side of Europe, not to mention Asia ... especially Russia... But recently they received a few calls from Russia, but the frequency was jacked out quickly. The voice that British army heard didn't seem much human, but they could talk. The operation »Black Sun« suggests that Chimera might be building another wormhole, this time at their home Russia, meaning this time it would be hard to intercept them. But we have no choice, if »Pure Chimera« visits our planet, it's over for our humanity. But to think real, we have no idea, what do they look like and how much powerful they really are. Either way, we need to destroy the wormhole and prevent any further chances of expecting Pure Chimera.

The rest groups later joins back in London, reporting success all over Britain with minor loss and big number of recruitments. Now we are prepared for this operation as the biggest attack on Chimera and the biggest hope of saving humanity! The time was seat as it's still in summer and keeping the position near the equator, where they expect the least Chimeran resistance. We fly over Mediterranian sea to Saudi Arabia and turn our way North from India. But plans were drawn quickly as the temperature quickly started to cool because of the Chimeran weather effect. First fierce battle started at Saudic Arabic capital Riyadh. A big surprise was when you see Cloven almost completely mutated into Hybrid looking things and cooperating with the Chimera.

After this victory with heavy losses, the army continues forward - India. A biggest surprise yet shocks your troops. Chimera was fighting....themselves. Feral chimera (includes Grims, Leapers, Widowmakers, Leechs....) against Military Chimera (Hybrids, Ravagers, Stealheads, Longlegs...)

Although a scene like that has been seen mostly in Resistance 3, many others saw this first time. Jack thinks that humans are not much different than chimera. The bigger the size of population, the bigger the chance of disunity, resulting in war. Feral chimera ignored us completely but while we tried to flight them threw without leaving a bullet, military chimera stayed military and fought us as well.

To suffer less damage, we needed to stay away from feral Chimera, because they only attack you if you stand in their way. Scientists knew that so thanks to them. Still, this battle was pretty heavy, but some important intel was found there. A diary someone wrote, indicated that from north, a big metal object rose up in the sky, changing sunny weather into a cloudy cold zone. But the date on that note was 5 years from now! And the whole Asia is already sun-proofed with snow deliveries. Not a single person knows what »The Heart of Chimera« looks like. At least not a person that would make us know about that. Or what the Pure Chimera looked like...

Now after another hard victory, we were now short on VTOLs, because most of them were shot down. Jack ordered his troops to use Chimeran shuttles and dropships. If those bastards can drive these things, so can we. And the Chimera might not even detect us. Perfect plan!

Hours pass...and the SRPA comes in Russia....the look was astonishing in a most horrible way that no one could have ever predicted. Someone said: »So this is the Chimeran capital...« Conversion centres, Gun towers, another Holar tower and other Chimeran towers. Luckily there was a major high tower spotted at the distance, just like the London tower, but high as a mountain! And a large beam was coming from there, connecting up to a wormhole!!! Scientists have proved the worst.

Luck was on our side, in a terrifying air traffic, no drone spotted us - humans. The guess was, arriving in the tower would be too risky and probably a free suicide, so we had to land somewhere miles away, deep down in a hard spotting place, where Chimera technology haven't touched it, where the last of human buildings remain. In scattered groups, we approached as far we could without setting an alarm, but when the cover was blown - the battle began. We were definitely heavily outnumbered, so Jack ordered to retreat in another way, somewhere where we could lose the Chimera. Just as we tried to take a break, the Cloven had spotted us. When a man starts firing, one of the Cloven shouted: (Assumed it is their leader)


A surprise and a half, who would have guessed this? Although they looked like Cloven, they didn't looked like as those more Chimera mutated. Did the effect started to worn off? Jack's curiosity was explained in their answers. It turned out that Dr. Malikov, the one who created Cloven by experimenting humans with pure Chimeran DNA, has also experimented humans with Chimeran DNA that was already human converted. But for what purpose did he change the DNA? Maybe he was running low on Pure DNA because the whole Russia wanted that »cure«...

Their leader also told us (even though their English is broken because of the mutation affects it, thank god they can speak our language...) that they can travel anywhere inside Chimeran bases, mostly without notice or leaving a trace. What's even better, is that they dug themselves shortcuts underground to their bases, even for the main Chimeran tower! But the next report was terrifying. The Pure Chimera already arrived!!! In an optimistic way, they arrived just shortly away in small numbers. Now more of them might come any second without any doubt from us. Maybe they only came to scout our planet first after their last invasion of our planet. But when one of ours asked what do they looked like, the Cloven simply replied: »Monsters!« Now everything makes sense. After these years, the converted Chimera wasn't fighting us (at least not much back then), to focus on creating their next wormhole to finally bring Pure Chimera as a definitely reinforcement to easily completely wipe our humanity off.

Now the operation »Black Sun« mission has to be finished as we plan our full force assault on the main tower. To mention another few things, Cloven mentioned a »Gray tech core« as a thing that operates the wormhole inside that tower. So this is what Gray tech can do! Chimerans main purpose for collecting Gray tech wasn't just weapons or other less important stuff, but for this wormhole! Now for the destruction point, each soldier of us carried a handful of high explosive TNT and plastic C4 (in real, made in 1956, so they should exist) as a secondary more reliable choice of use. Therefore in total of our numbers, we have enough explosives to make an atomic explosion! And for the most important information, the Cloven had 2 underground shortcuts for the main tower. The Cloven agreed in our strong request to create a diversion from one side, so we could came to the other and advance with less notice or at least with less combat warfare. To remind, the British army is with us all along, meaning Angela and Cartwright also together with SRPA - and Jack.

Exactly as planned, Cloven created the diversion, leaving us a clearer path inside the base. Only few minutes later, Chimera recognized our plan, now fighting with us at full force as the Cloven simply retreated as those cowards don't want to die. But still, big regards to them for cooperating with us. Now in this warfare, we are experiencing heavy loses, outnumbered, outgunned and out of hope for success! To make things even worse, the Pure Chimera arrives!!! To describe them as how Jacks sees them, they look pretty much like Brawles - big, terrifying and brutal. Not only that, they are armored to their teeth and carrying a weapon, 2 meters long and the size of a fridge that looks like a giant Bullseye, but when Jack sees it firing rounds, the rounds looked like razor sharp blades, slicing through our meat like knife cutting threw butter!!

Jack tried to kill one of them, but that thing required more men to kill this beast. Angela joined you, but the beast knocks her down like a sledgehammer hit. You try to bring its focus to you, so he doesn't kill her, but your rifle bullets work like slingshots. In the last moment, Stephen disturbs it with a grenade hit from the mounted launcher on his rifle. Angela quickly wakes up from unconscious, still laying on the floor and sees his father literally in the hands of this monster. Stephen looks at Jack: »TAKE HER OUT NOW!!!« You grab Angela's hand, lift her up and pull her away to a safe distance, while Stephen in the last moment (before getting...eaten?) pulls a grenade, killing this bloody bastard with himself. Now the only way to survive (what was left of your troops) was to retreat. Jack and Angela along with the others escape with a dropship, docked at some place, escaping them and barely losing them soon.

Now back at square 1, there was no ideas left. The same Cloven finds you again. One of the soldiers tries to kill them in anger, but Jack knocks him down. All the suffering made the troops worried, depressed and dissatisfied. (also Angela is crying) They all know, they are going to die here with no chance of making out of this alive. Jack stands up again in front of the crowd, giving them the final speech. The last sentence he told was:

»If we know, we are about to die, let us die for honor. For humanity!«

Now what was sure is that we can't go in the same way again. Because of the heavy loses we took, now resulting in shortage of explosives, we can't complete this operation. But Jack told them: »If we can't beat them with our weapons, then we'll simply steal theirs!« Jack's eyes saw two things that brings chance to success of the operation: The gun tower and a battleship, parked on the land, both in a near distance. But the Cloven warned us that both of them are heavily guarded. When we asked for another diversion request from them, they replied that the Chimera is smart enough to know, that when Cloven attacks again, they will know it's a diversion, and won't attack us in larger numbers. Jack decided to change the plan by splitting into two groups with each attacking one of those locations at a different time. (full plan explanation on next paragraph) However strategically speaking, the first group that will attack the gun tower will most likely have much less chance if surviving than the second group attacking the battleship. Angela specifically for that reason wants to go for the gun tower while Jack wants to go for the battleship. Jack wants to convince Angela to go with him, but she refuses, in explanation that she can't live without his father. Jack told that he lost his father too, but she doesn't change her decision. (Maybe because her feelings are harder to take this kind of pressure) It also becomes clear that you two are in love and she kisses you the moment you split up with her.

At midnight, the final operation commences. The Cloven begins creating the »ultimate diversion«. When Chimera saw them at the battleship, they didn't grab the bait which is exactly as planned. Of course they did try to kill them without any major reinforcement, but the Cloven escaped them. Now with the Chimera aware of danger, part 2 began. The »Alpha squad« with Angela as their leader, began their assault on the Gun tower (which is some miles on the other side), now all Chimera thinks that this is their final destination and tries to intercept them with reinforcements, coming from all sides along with forces coming from with shuttles launching from the battleship. Now the last part 3 of operation began. The »Beta squad« with Jack as their leader, began his assault on the battleship, now without heavy resistance. But it wasn't much easy as they planned first, the battleship is actually the airborne ship, same as when you see it in fleets (when they attacked San Francisco, Resistance 2), meaning incredibly big, maybe this one was even bigger without any known reason. Anyway, there was a lot of Chimera still in there, so the fight remains hard, but this time with a better chance of success. Over time you still try to contact Angela over radio to know if she's still alive. She responds that her group has absolutely no chance of success and if they retreat, the Chimera at Gun tower will come back to you, so she will fight to the last breath. With luck on your side, there was no sign od Pure Chimera on the ship, unlike at the gun tower...You scream of anger, while talking brave words to your soldiers, making them feel like Spartan warriors. You made it to the control panel with a surprise. One Pure Chimeran bastard was there, waiting for your presence. Most of your troops already died and the rest that can't follow your way, are trapped. This beast started to talk your language! What the hell! Maybe you are infected, or brainwashed! He talks things like:

»You can't resist us! We will take your planet and extinct your species«

Like a boss battle, you fight this monster after every part of its health you beat, he speaks a sentence:

»You think, you can defeat us? We occupied many planets and are infinite in number!«

»Why don't you join us!? Fight with us to defeat them!«

Jack responds this time in middle of fight (gameplay): »Who you mean, THEM?!«

»Those who occupied your planet million years ago! We know all about them! Join us!«

(Note: the intel that was gathered threw possibly all resistance series, where you saw things with doubt that Chimera made them. This brings thoughts that another species somewhere out there also exists.)

Ass you beat the boss, he tells you this:

»We invaded your planet, because we were forced to gather the Gray tech! To fight them! Your resistance is futile, your species could join ours without being completely extinct.«

Now at the point where you think it died (you approach to him) it wakes up like reborn and before you even press your trigger, he grabs you and say:

»You humans suffer the same way like we do because of them!«

In the moment he tries to kill you with his fists, someone comes and shoots him down. Jack recognizes this man's face. »DAD!«

As you run to him (safety distance), the dying Chimera boss spits out his last words:

»When they come...there will be nothing...left.....for your....planet.«

Joseph ends this talk: »This is Earth where we fight for our existence!«

Now it's dead without a doubt. You and Joseph know, that there is no time for family reunion. Now we need to destroy the main Chimeran tower with the Gray core inside it to destroy the wormhole, to prevent Pure Chimera from destroying our planet. The rest of your surviving squad regroups with you and supports whatever you are doing and will defend the ship for enemy reinforcements until you destroy the tower. You are about to fire a massive beam from this battleship. Time before it fires is 3 minutes.(gameplay) Now you need to defend the ship from the Chimera, knowing your plan and will engage you at all costs. After 3 minutes, you fire the beam on the Tower. Hit! And no luck, it did massive damage to the tower, but the core is still intact. Now Joseph falls under Chimeran pressure, you go to him and Joseph whispers:

»I know you will do it, son. For......humanity...«

Now you think of a plan, covered with madness. Crash into it!!!

As you approach, you try to contact Angela....no response.... You think if they fire from that gun tower, it's over with us. In next moment, the gun tower explodes! The Alpha team which they probably all died, managed to set explosives and detonate it! Incredible!

Now you are seconds from crashing........3........2........1.......

... ... ...

...You open your eyes after that event....Heaven? Dream? Some kind of vision? It's all blurry, they speak to you:

»We are coming to you. It'll be beautiful!«

...after going blank again, you wake up in some kind of hospital. Full of questions, all they say, they found you and are probably the only one who survived. The doctors add, that the Chimera died and the rest leaved the planet and the weather is back to normal. You stand up, look for your father....nothing...but you see Angela lying in bed. You try to wake her up, no response. When you gave up hope, she speaks: »Where am I?« You reply: »It's over. We have won...« She stands up and hugs you, while you finish the sentence in your mind: »...For now.«




So that's one way how the story could be done. As what I want to do with Resistance, I want to express the feelings in heavy situations such as when warfare starts turning into struggle for survival because of desperation as trying to save your own life instead of fighting together. And the power, when a single human gives with one speech, resulting in respect, sense and courage, staying loyal together as one.

 For the rest, I tried to stay up related to the Resistance story that went through all series while I followed the current balance between the forces. Maybe I would even add another thing to Jack, because at this point, his character seems a little to powerfully heroic. Like maybe in India, when you start realising, you aren't killing the real Chimera, but your own people that turned into them, killing only victims of real invaders. This makes you so depressed, at some point you almost shot yourself, but in the last moment Angela pulls your gun from pointing in your head, telling her reason, that what we are doing, is the right thing and nothing else must stay in our way.

I simply want to know, if the story is good enough that could be made in reality. Even by a miracle, if they really take my story, they can always change some things in it, so this doesn't turn out as a spoiler. (maybe if they delete my post long before they finish it.)

Of course, if you guys think my story is terrible, instead of correcting me, try to put your thoughts at which point of the story could be improved. As I have said before, I just want to contribute to the Resistance series.

If I have to add something about gameplay, which is actually the most important for gaming, I would like to have the best things from R2 and R3 like in R2, I don't want the weapon wheel, because it makes game too easy and you probably will use only the better weapons and leave the old ones unused. For example, you'll probably leave the carbine and continue with the Bullseye. That's why I would prefer the option for primary and secondary weapon. As in R3 just like the R1, the health bar that does not regenerate, makes it for a better fight, meaning no running away and waiting to fill your health bar back up like a coward. For graphics I just want that the Chimera looks scary as they looked back in R1 and R2, the size of their teeth in the first two parts made them look more ferocious. And gamers love gun customizing.

I always loved finding intel wherever it was hidden, revealing facts that could answer some of your questions, while fighting them and some mysteries that might be explained in the later episodes. When you finish the campaign, I would add an unlockable EXTRA small campaign, where you fight as Angela back with the Beta squad, when they assault the gun tower, so you find out, what happened there and how she survived. As for the story about what happened in the gun tower, I'll just leave to your imaginations, so I don't spoil everything completely.

Even the Characters can be all other unknown persons, including the main character as well, but all I ever want is that at least even a tiniest piece from this story helps the production continue the Resistance series.

That is all. Thank you for reading it and apologizes if I wasted your time.


NOTE - it's a copy, still unfinished at the Insomniac site, due to unknown reason...

Posted by Igyzone - July 15th, 2013

EDIT! STUPID CHARACTER LIMIT! I'LL HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER DAY, BEACUSE OF SPLITING, which also takes time for editing lost memory edits on every chapter or something like that kind of reasons...

It's actualy finished, but the problem is that in Insomniac site I have to past in more pages, beacuse of those reasons:
- Over limit of character length
- Documents size can't be bigger than 19.5kb

And I have to edit to be more readable by:
-Skiping lines
- Changing sizes and coloring some sentences.

Also, if you guys want, I can paste the text here as well. I already tried and almost hit the 32,768 character limit!!!!!!

Still remember what am I even talking about? No? Well it's about a game franchise, the Resistance series, a FPS game where you fight humans VS aliens (humans that had ben converted to aliens to be precise)

Untill now, 3 episodes where made (Sony exlusive PS3) and two mid-episodes (PSP, VITA). Now when they that they wont be making Resistance anymore, I got pissed off and started writing my own story to help them.

Also, I don't know about you guys or the developer guys, but I would give myself an Oscar for the story I'm about to release.

Cool wallpaper, right? ;)

Almost there!!!!

Posted by Igyzone - July 12th, 2013

Before I get to the things, if you haven't checked my previous post about best unfinished lost madness projects, go check it!

Soooo what did I miss? Another Incident by Krinkels? Meh, it wasn't that good, but I can't wait for next projects of his, like MC 11 and what he's making for next Madness day!

Now how was my vacation? Well it was boring, fun, stormy and exhausting. And since there was no computer, I was playing with my.....imagination. Result: Soon I'll go on Insomniac community site (Insomniac is a game developing site, mostly known with Resistance and Ratchet series) and make a forum, where I tell about how I imagine continuation of Resistance series.

So if anybody of you ever played Resistance (PlayStation exclusive), may know, what am I talking about. ;)

EDIT - Holy shit, I keep typing and typing, this shit will be long as....well I just hope it will be worth it, once I finish it, I'll give you guys the link, so you could see my creation. :D

Featured scene: Madness never dies!

I'm back!

Posted by Igyzone - July 2nd, 2013

Tomorrow I leave for a week with my dad on vacation. time to do this shit now!

#1 - Madness inception by LongLongCat
In my opinion, this could have ben one of the best Madness flash ever made. Seriously, the original Inception movie was a huge hit! From the looks of the trailer, it looked very promising. Reason for fail: The author told us, when he moved to Burma, he lost his files. HOW THE HELL COULD YOU LOOSE A FILE SUCH AS THIS MASTERPIECE!?!?!? GOD DAMN IT!!!!

#2 - Madness Retaliation 2 by revolverroach
(( Play the frst part here )) The first date the author announced, was on April 15th 2011, but he delayed it on 1st May. After a couple of months, some of guys thought he died (stupid impatient fools), but he replied, that he is still working on it and showed us some sketches, art and on 3th July 2012 (lol a year since) even made a beta phase for all of the testers who wanted to try it. One thing was for sure: There was a shitload of bugs! Lots of them got eliminated on the beta phase 2, and just when it was looking all good.....another silence. The last update post was 21th of September 2012. Now he's gone again. Rumors speak, that he told himself he gave up on it. Is it worth to just give up on something you've ben working for this long???

#3 - Madness Mini 6 by Shrinkz
Anyone still remember the old Madness mini series from 2005-2007? it was a very good series back then. And what happened next? Nothing. he simply quit on it. Damn! At least he did This simple and funny comic as like an end of the series or something like that...

#4 - Madness Preloaded III by LYRONMARTIS
I - 2007
II -2009
Trailer for III - 2010
WHERE IS IT!?!?!?!?

#5 - Madness Activation 2 by tomtyke
The first part was simply awesome! But what happened to the second part? Well the author told us, (on 9th October 2012) he wanted to re-make the second part and left us his older unfinished piece of it. It looks awesome enough allready!!!

#6 - Madness 3D by Sunshaft
The trailer, done back in 21st of Spetmember 2011, looked like something very special, untill When they want you dead by Coft was made as the first completed Madness 3D movie. Now it's all in doubt that Sunshaft will complete it, especially when he is currently studying in university. Bummer...

#7 - Nightmare Madness by Deathisawesome
The trailer looked quite good, some good zombie made sprites and scary things to make your heart bump faster. But it doesn't look like the author will ever complete it. At least there's a small chance, he will complete the second part of Achievemnt madness on madness day 2013.

Similar to case #5, the author wanted to remake the original Madness Resurrection trailer into an original different story. But the last update post was on 7th of june 2011....At least he made a poster for it. Shame, it looks so good...

#9 - Madness T by GDop26
As the looks of the trailer, this would have ben made as sequel to Madness Amelioration. The author hasn't ben active for a while now, soooo....lets pray, this or he doesn't die.

#10 - Madzone by Flashsoldier and wrayayrton
Good flash, especially beacuse Killzone originally is a bloody great Sony console game series and if it would have ben freaking bloody awesome, if it would have ben made in Madness style! But the promise got broken, so shit. SHIT!

#11 - Madness Solipsistic part 02 by Alienslushie
I'm not sure, if this is finished or not, it's a real mindfucking blowup series. the author first made Madness- Confabulation and then he made Madness-Solipsistic part1 If you ask me, the solipsistic is the first part and confabulation is the second. Or it's the other way around??? Either way I don't see the real end of it...

Aaaand I'm done. I done this for you guys with the reson, beacuse I want to know if you checked all of them before. otherwise it's worth to watch them again and memorize. Maybe you forgot the name of the flash and couldn't find it untill now. ;)

Featured scene: Vengeance with Madness

The best Madness submissions that were never released.

Posted by Igyzone - June 26th, 2013

Really sorry, I didn't managed to finished school in "regular" time, so I have to stay a little longer to fix all the bad grades. DEM MATHS....

And I also plan on July first or second to go on a vaction with my dad. Untill then, I really hope, I manage to make that lousy madness post I keep promising -.-

In other news, can you believe, that in first few years, my YouTube account had almost not a single subber (And I tried hard to get some), now I have about 20. Awesome! Yes I know I'm sorry to those who knew, that my YouTube accout is pretty much dead. the reason is, I gave it up on updating that huge playlist. But I promise, someday I'll go back on the track. And that's a challenge I want to DEAL WITH IT! >:D

Also, does any of you guys play Mobage games? (mostly known with the game "Blood brothers") I'm currently playing "Transformers Legends" a kickass trading card battle game with awesome art drawn real first stage transformers cards. if anyone plays it, I can PM you some good proffesional advices that concerns about special episodes.

Featured scene: Infect the madness!

Still busy...

Posted by Igyzone - June 17th, 2013

Sorry guys, haven't got enough time and energy to make that madness post due to last week of school, working hard as fuck, fixing all the grades and shit so I don't fail. Every year it's the god damn same....

Featured scene: Let the madness begin.

Come to think of it, I think I actually saved almost all or maybe completely all of those scenes I mentioned before. Awesome, but right now is not a good time to start partying. Study time now, party later....*sigh*

And for that madness post, I'm writing the best ones I can remember. currently got 10 of them, might increase the number before I publish it. :)

Busy, busy, busy...

Posted by Igyzone - June 6th, 2013

Thanks to MetalBooster for reminding me, I've found my old Madness scenes. The bad news is, that most of them I deleted from my PC back then. But the GOOD NEWS is, I saved and never deleted my favorite scene! Remember the one, which I named it " THIS IS MADNESS! "? :D

Also here's another one of Metal Slug scenes I made it, but never published it on NG.

And another thing. How would you guys want to see my next news post named something like this:
The best Madness submissions that were never released... :) ?

Thank god!