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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - September 9th, 2013

Shoolmate: "Hey bro, I can't wait to buy GTA V man, it's gona be awesome!"

Me: "Cool bro, but I'm saving the money for a better game."

"Whaaaat?! What could that be?!"

"Watch Dogs."

"Ok, what is that?"

me: -.-
Aaaargh, everytime it's the same. Those fucking amateurs only know the game series that goes for years, like GTA, Call of Duty and other old good classics such as league of legends, minecraft and other shit.

But I'm a proffesional. Keeping my eye on all new upcoming games, producting in the shadows of the newbie eyes.
I wonder if you guys know anything about THIS game. Watch Dogs.

As a difference from the GTA, you don't go all godlike, fucking police everyrwhere, this is reality! +1 like.
So this game instead of Thor feel, makes you feel more like Batman, saving crimefights and escaping from the interuption police undetected. Sounds less fun than GTA? Think again! You are top class #1 hacker, gaining access to anything an everything!!! EVERYTHING!!! So who needs cheats codes, when you can hack all the time right? ;)

It's a free world, full of evil and you are using this evil against other evil. This makes you badass.
So for those, first time hearing it, watch this gameplay! If you want to understand at least a thing of what's really going on, watch every damn minute!

Fuck the police yea! Ultimate hacker style!


Posted by Igyzone - September 5th, 2013

Starting yesterday, our small little country Slovenia is hosting the european basketball championship FIBA 2013! Yesterday we managed to beat Czech, and right now I'm watching a fierce battle against one of the best, Spain.

Ok, now for something more entertaining you might want to see. Dick Figures THE MOVIE is coming on 17th day. I think it will cost a few bucks to watch it, but all I know it's worth of every damn penny!!! Prepare lots of LOLs, ROFLs and LMFAOs!

And on 22th September...of course you now and you're right, MADNESS DAY!
- I'm going to do the same thing as last year, review every madness day submission (at least the movies and games), regardless of any "friend bonuses"!

- I'm not sure, how the MD 2013 will be this year. I did saw many decent flashes at work, but still I didn't saw any REAL big hits in production. But who knows, I always get surprised from some new authors, that publish something for MD for the first time and becomes one of the best! :D

Awesome things right? Yea I know!

September is quite a good month!

Posted by Igyzone - August 30th, 2013

- 50th post!
- About 50 fans!
- Celebration of my dads 50th year!
- The feeling I have about school (read the title)

So what's in common, is the number 50. And we all probably feel the same about school. F**K!
So yesterday I listened to this from a radio. A DJ song that energized me to the max!

- Cristian Marchi
- Let's F**k
(perfect edit)

"...Kuz I got about 50 freaks with me....lets F**K!"
Turn up the volume, put your headphones on and do the beat dance.


In other small news - Explosm finally made new Cyanide & Happiness videos :D

- Watch Birthday Boy
- and The Rope

Posted by Igyzone - August 27th, 2013

First of all a new game everyone can play: Road of the Dead 2

Damn, this game is awesome. Not going to review it untill I finish story, play every other mode and try others work and make my own map editor. :D

And second. Got the biggest Newgrounds hit game via Steam - CASTLE CRASHERS!

How to play:



Now for this final battle to conquer the sand castle - volleyball?

Having a blast!

Posted by Igyzone - August 21st, 2013

I say many guys, making something for next upcoming madness day and can't think of a good name. Really, how hard is to think for a good name? If you ask me, it only takes a minute or two, depending on what kind of action you're making.

So here are some Madness names, which I'm just figuring out right now, while writing this LOL:

- Madness Reaction
pretty simple, classic, maybe a bit incomprehensible, but pretty convenient name.

- Madness Extreme
Ever felt a little bit EXTREME?!

- Madness war of Madness
Madness of madness, war of all wars, get it? Using the same word twice in not completely same mean...epic as f***k!

- Madness lives!
"lives" like multiple lifes, or "lives as it's living? You figure it out, or even better, let THEM figure it out ;)

- Rise of Madness
Shit just got real, folks!

- Madness Introduction
So let me introduce to you all about madness. There's nothing to explain.

- Total Madness

- This is Madness!
It was never sparta, or patrick or etd....just MADNESS.

- Madness Mania!
Welcome to the World of madness. Get ready to fight or die!

- Maybe there is some sense in it....no wait, it never had any.

Random collection of new Madness names

Posted by Igyzone - August 16th, 2013

You deleted a magnificent masterpiece madness flash!!!!

Just this day I had a sudden urge to watch a certain old madness animation. Later I find out it's deleted. >:(

But slight good news is, the flash is accessible around other internet sites such as this one. By the way, it's called Soviet Madness.

(click "maximize" for bigger screen)

I know right? For a Madness Day 2009 flash, this is pure gold.

In other important news, I managed to buy something online for the first time lol, and that was a game called: Ballads of Reemus

Sounds familiar? Of course, made by Zeebarf and his crew, who made the fantastic point and click adventure games and the most popular was the Journeys of Reemus series:
- Journeys of Reemus (prologue)
- Journeys of Reemus: Ch.1
- Journeys of Reemus: Ch 2
- Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3
- Journeys of Reemus 4

And of corse, the demo version (which I just bought the full version) Ballads of Reemus

There's also a way to download the full version for free, but....I really want to support them :/
Oh, and this game is a must have! :D

How dare you, Newgrounds!?

Posted by Igyzone - August 13th, 2013

You know what they say: third time's the charm.

And this time it's 100% HEAVY METAL!

So if you're a metalfan, you just got to like (LOVE) this one! :D

Knightmare - Cazador De Hombres

And a third song...

Posted by Igyzone - August 10th, 2013

This time it's Dubstep, since I see no haters with this genre. ;)

Also here at Newgrounds!

Is the song familiar to you? Yep that's right, you listened a part of it, while watching The Madness Team.

Pezmobile knows art of music, check some others out as well! :D

Posted by Igyzone - August 6th, 2013

I'm myself more of a metal fan than listening to classic music. Also to speak the truth, metal is a bit too "heavy for me" while classics are all "passively boring."

But guess what, what do you get if you put them together? You get a one minute masterpiece.

Ladies and gentlemen:

- Tony Clarke
- Great Champions (Soundcloud)

- P.S. After 3 years of searching, I've finally found it.

Posted by Igyzone - August 5th, 2013

Anything! I'll answer it with all my power!

P.S. - I'm bored...

EDIT - Harder!!!

Ask me something!