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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - December 17th, 2013

Of course you guys know Egoraptor, but for some reason he stopped working in Newgrounds, but I'm glad he's still alive on YouTube! And this is probably the best Mario flash video ever made right now!


Get your LOLs, ROFLs and LMAOs prepeared, mates! xD

Posted by Igyzone - December 10th, 2013

I'm doing all the things that can change the world. Yes I'm just being sarcastic, wasting usual time of my usual life.

Anyway, nothing new (again)....That's probably beacuse I focus more time to school (finally getting good grades, even for a miracle, maths!) Happy and bored at the same time.


I almost forgot about this new blog system, definitely handier than before.


Sooooo, just to make this post more refreshing, here's a great dance tune! :D


Posted by Igyzone - November 28th, 2013

At least once in a while, just to check things out, sorry for not posting anything new, reasons are school, games and fact that I got nothing exciting enough to share with you guys.

One game I should mention, is Red Orchestra 2:
- FPS (First Person Shooter)
- Based in World War 2
- Includes wars with Germans vs Russians towards Stalingrad as well as Japanese vs Americans towards Pacific
- First time in gaming world ever, German Campaign (what can I say, makes me feel a bit bad, seeing always games with other nations killing nazis like they don't deserve to fight themselves...)
- Ultimate most real-based lifetime realistic experience battle system - realism
- One of the best 2011 PC games.

Makes me feel like a sack of shit, when I thought Call of Duty 2 had a good vision for world war II.

I'm addicted to this game right now. But I promise to get back here in future days for more chat with you guys.

I'm always here.

Posted by Igyzone - November 10th, 2013

So yeah, that's what I'm talking about. If you are in, here are the details:

- Own an iPhone,iPador Android.
- Download game Transformers Legends (It's FREE and uses around 33Mb of your storage)
- Run the game.

Once you're in, do the following:
- There might be a tutorial, go pass that shit first...
- Go to I think it it'c called "Friend invitation" or something like that in the menu screen
- Type this (my) code 75620403

When you type it. you'll get some cool prizes like Optimus Prime card and 5 full energons which are use to scan missions. And that's the point. To make my code really count, you need to get to level 8 The only way to level up, is to scan missions by:

- Click "scan missions" button on the menu screen, pick any mission and start gaining XP which is used to level up.
- If you run out of energon (purple cube thingy) go to the inventory and use one and then more of your extra energons you received from my code. This way you may finish my task in a single day. Another fact is everytime you level up, you get your energon restored as well.
- And that's it. I suggest you contact me here for your report, beacuse I need to be sure the task is done (by checking my special tab). By the way my name there is Igyzoner, you'll probably get that notice when entering my code.

- So after that you're free. You can remove the game if you don't intend to serious play it.
- And if you have any further questions about me and the game if you are stuck or something just ask, I've ben playing this game for like a bad year now.
- Oh and I need at least 11 more volunteers (15 tota, 4 helped me untill now) for a prize I can only imagine, ultra rare and extremely powerful transformers card. I want it SO BAD. D:<

- Also time is limited, my number of volunteers resets in the end of the month.
In other news, I never heard of Fraps before, now I can start recording my gameplays WOHOOOO!!! :D But since I have a cheaper free version, it sucks a bit and I will have to do many modifications...

Posted by Igyzone - October 28th, 2013

Since I was born in 1995, I could say that I grew up in a playstation universe.
Goold old times...but those times ain't over yet...

.....PS4! Not only it kicks the whole Xbox, it also kicks PC.
(Unless you have a beast machine 5000 dollar worth against the almost giving away free 399$ worth ps4. Now you see what I mean.)

And Sony besides the master of creativity, is also very generous. Besides the price I mentioned before of course...
In memory of Lou Reed (R.I.P. bro, you were my American idol), they included one of his finest songs "Perfect Day" in another super duper PS4 commercial:

Posted by Igyzone - October 26th, 2013

Trying to stay connected to people. Pretty hard job for me, considering watching new stuff for latest upcoming games.

So many good stuff coming in just a few days and weeks, like:

- Battlefield 4
- Call of Duty: Ghosts
- Batman Arkham Origins
- Watch Dogs
- Need For Speed: Rivals

Damn it, where can I get enough money, lol.
But no, I ain't buying Ghosts, in this whole Battlefield and CoD flamewar thing I was always on the Battlefield side. If you think I'm wrong about my decision, check this out and pause at 0:31. Even the famous gaming site IGN has balls to say it.

Eat that, CoD freaks, mwahahaha!

What else, well nothing much. Maybe expect some art from me soon...

But Sheriff, you are on my bounty list and they offer me lifetime money to execute you.

Yeah, still here.

Posted by Igyzone - October 12th, 2013

Oh yeah!

For starters, this song right here is becoming the new Gangnam Harlem shake hit! You just got to love or at least laugh at this guy! xD

Ok, next song: originaly she says : "You blocked me on Facebook and now you're going to die!" But this time it's just a bit different: "...And now you're going to get f***ed up!" and an improved version. Original is here!

I'm looking for a music video EDIT blablabla whatever, too late, thanks Elias-Z :D

Posted by Igyzone - October 3rd, 2013

So if you want to know why, here are only some of the reasons:

- School
- Downloading epic movies
- Dowloading old games from my childhood such as Atomic bomberman and Unreal tournament 1999
(those were the years when games were simple and incredibly fun!)
- Playing 3 heavy online games on my phone (takes a bunch of time)

Speaking of games, anyone wants to buy them this year? Such as....

- GTA V or even better Watch Dogs!
- Call of Duty Ghosts or way more better Battlefield 4!
- Xbox One or the ass kicking PS4, not to mention the bloody hell exclusive PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall

So that's all for know. Oh, and one more thing. One day I was on my way to school in bus, and suddenly I forgot my MP3 for the first time, so I had no idea what to do for an hour, so I just opened my imagination and thought of a good story. It's about two poor kids and a wanderer, taking place in the 1950s.

If I don't get anything better for my next news post, I'll use my writing skills and share to you guys.

World would have ben perfect if everyone would be kind an help each other live...

Posted by Igyzone - September 27th, 2013

I just can't resist them, to be continued...


Madness Day this year was good, not great, but good enough, especially thanks to ya old Krinky. :3
For this year, contributers sure focused on art, just see them at the front page! :o

Now I'm just waiting for the winners announcement...Is it there yet, Thomy boy? -.-

Also dear metal fans<, have you checked this song out!? *starts banging head*

...continuing on, I can't even focused the tiny tings I want to do for NG. or even for school, damn it!
I hope I get threw this someday.

Sooooo if you own an Ipad, Iphone or Android, there's FIFA 14 kicking major ass! it's free and all the things that it has it's just like the real FIFA you are used to play on bigger devices.

Damn addictions!

Posted by Igyzone - September 22nd, 2013

Can't say I'm dissapointend, but can't say I'm happy as well.

Lots of decently good and decently not so good submissions, I think Djjaner right now has the best one for this day.
(Gibb don't be mad, you are second to me.)

Sadly I was hoping for the awesome long awaited Madland to be finished. Instead of that, another trailer, DAMN IT!

And where's Krinkels!? He said he was making 3 cartoons, I thought at least one of them was for Madness day!!!

Well I just hope I'm wrong and give more patience untill the end of the day and the day after...

EDIT !!! Patience wins! Krinkels is here, and he's owning the competition with another blast masterpiece!