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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - March 11th, 2014

Did I ever mentioned I still own a Nintedno DS (yeah, the first ds model)?

Well I managed to bought an R4 card while searched all the freaking country for it and raging that it wasn't working, putting back to fix and crap, now It's finally working! Oh, R4 card is like a flash drive, except it's exclusively fo these Nintendo models. You can download all the games and other media for pretty much FREE from Internet (you get a portable pc flash card where you put a microSD in it, and than put the MicroSD to R4 and play it on the NIntendo.


Not sure if it's considered as piracy, but what else could I do, I've ben looking everywhere for the Pokemon: HeartGold/SoulSilver and it's ben sold out every damn where. Soooo....Nostalgia restored, gotta catch em all!!!


I have to say, If I would still trying to get this thing working, I would get so depressed, I would make a different post about more for this that chaotic film. But maybe I will do this next time. I will show you guys 2 contracts from both sides, personally from both leaders, where you will be able to understand what they want from you. Also I want you guys to decide which contract would you sign for? This will be interesting......


Posted by Igyzone - March 6th, 2014


I don't know in any other words as how to say that.


Lets just say that I imagined of a war movie in my head that's ben buildin up in more than 10 years now. In a very very VERY short description, it's about the nex -gen third world war. world divides to a two sided opposition with two leaders, practically their twin brothers. Coincedence? Not really.


Reason of war? Overpopulation. One sees solution in killing the weak, the other one refuses not to. Who is the hero here? cold blooded guy with a dictator style, overpowered against the smaller poor resistance. The leader of the resistance....His goal is to become THE resistance! turning any of his man to a fight for freedom soldier. That's at least his wish. But what IS the goal here? He's just making his brother a favor, geeting his own men killed without of any solution to how to deal with the ovepopulation....


We are both evil. But I joined the evil to destroy it from inside....to bring the lost cure...cure from Lucifer


So like I said, a really incredibly tiny preview of MY MIND! 1/1000 of everything from the whole plot

If you would gain full access, you could see all the movie scenes...all the most unbealivable epicly cutscenes you can imagine. Sadness and depression, combined with determination, will to fight, stand to die, making hell our new home, f***ing Satan and J in the ass!


if anyone would like to see all of this in a text version, just say it. I might go for a length world breaking number here. But of course not doing it anytime soon. Not sure if even this year....

Posted by Igyzone - March 1st, 2014

Allright, first of all, 2 kickstarters are strating:


- The good comic Lighter than Heir will be open tomorrow for donations. You can buy a PDF format of colored volume 1, or a book and all the extra stickers and stuff

- Web series The Online Gamer needs 25.000$ cash. You can buy stuff like wallpapers and posters, but for real shite, you can get DVDs or play a game against the creator on COD Ghosts. "Top of the leaderboard, bitcheeeees!"


And For The Win (FTW), here's Eddsworld with their newest succcess, Fun Dead, <--- Click here to watch on YouTube, or watch it here! ^_^


Posted by Igyzone - February 23rd, 2014

You served my brain and heart for almost 7 years untill you got killed by YLOD (yellow light of death) DX<

At least I saved the jammed game disc with help of watching this video. :I


Now what? My PS3 is now a dead piece of crap, my old plasma TV is also a graphic and system crap, my PSP is a super old working crap and my PC is a processor crap. Even my old 2.2 android phone is an old processor crap. Evem my mom's tablet is an old worked out crap. EVEN OUR INTERNET IS CRAP!




Living in a F***ING stone age here with no money and no life. :'(

Posted by Igyzone - February 20th, 2014

First of all when I get that little few hours time, I take one for Newgrounds and play the second part of Crystal Story, made by Lan14n

If you haven't heard of it before, it's an adventure RPG game with a turn based team strategy style. Long and a really good one. Try it ^_^

- Crystal Story

- Crystal Story II


IMPORTANT! See, this is why I hate RPGs!!! Once you start one, you can't stop untill you finish it! >X(


Posted by Igyzone - February 15th, 2014

In a goofy madness way...



Just found out that the character's name from Leisurely Ragtime is: "Saucy" lol ^_^

I want to become him! Calm, gentle, but deadly!

Posted by Igyzone - February 10th, 2014

Another post full of Metal, HELLYEAH!


But his time it's not just any metal...


Manowar is a metal band that makes what I call WAR METAL!

Why do I call it WAR metal? It's simple. And what you think now, you're probably wrong. It's not beacuse they sing about war, but it is beacuse they make you want to go into it!

See for your damn self! Spartan style!

So which one you think would fit you the best to listen to it, while SLAUGHTERING your enemies one by one?

You ask me? ALL OF THEM!

Posted by Igyzone - January 30th, 2014

I was about to make an epic post about epic stuff, (including metal) but I guess that will have to come later. Rovio (Angry Birds creator) made this video for the new Chinese year of the horse.



God she sings like an angel.

Posted by Igyzone - January 13th, 2014

Yeah that's it. Beside being bussy with school (bad grades, whacha gona do), and playing games (Really trying to pown my FIFA 14 Ultimate team)


About few years ago, Krinkels mentioned a random thread on Facepunch and I become obsessed with that madness interactive as long as it lasted which was about half a year.

Speaking about Facepunch, I just realised they have it's own game company Facepunch Studios. They even made these awesome games like Garry's mod and Rust. And I always thought they are only known for their massive random forum site, LOL!


Anyways, our fellow Krinkels now recently mentioned a Kickstarter project by Nalem. And I was like of course curious what does (s)he even make. "Oh a webcomic, niiice....*reads threw all current pages* OMIGOSHI, MOOOORE!!!!" >:D

If you haven't read it, just read. And if you think it's nothing special, I just found another one called: Blaster Nation

And there are many more if you checked around the last one I mentioned ^_^


Oh and remember FPS Russia, the goold old Russian proffesional guy on YouTube? He's finally back! If you unsuscribed him due to think he's dead, subscribe him back NAW! D:<

So I guess that's it for now. True, I'm a lazzy ass, but at least I share you guys all the stuff I love, right? :/

Posted by Igyzone - December 25th, 2013

My santa was good this year:

  1. - A bit od candy meh...
  2. - A mug meeeeeh.....
  3. - 25€ Paysafe ticket nice.....
  4. - A REAL RBR 64mm M80 Anti-Tank gun!!!!! Mwahaha...wait it's empty, nooooooo......
  5. - A cardboard game Blue Moon City, one of the best board games I've ever played.

Really, if you ever find this game in store, just buy it. It's a 2-4 player game, using cards to rebuild citys where you get crystals to donate and win. It tooks about 15min, or forever if you took your time to think. 50% tactic and 50% luck.

Oh yeah, that rocket launcher, weird ha? got it beacuse my sister has a friend that turns out he's a soldier that gets all this megashit for free...already got a real defensive grenade from him. xD