Anyone wanting to gain access to my mind?

2014-03-06 16:29:08 by Igyzone


I don't know in any other words as how to say that.


Lets just say that I imagined of a war movie in my head that's ben buildin up in more than 10 years now. In a very very VERY short description, it's about the nex -gen third world war. world divides to a two sided opposition with two leaders, practically their twin brothers. Coincedence? Not really.


Reason of war? Overpopulation. One sees solution in killing the weak, the other one refuses not to. Who is the hero here? cold blooded guy with a dictator style, overpowered against the smaller poor resistance. The leader of the resistance....His goal is to become THE resistance! turning any of his man to a fight for freedom soldier. That's at least his wish. But what IS the goal here? He's just making his brother a favor, geeting his own men killed without of any solution to how to deal with the ovepopulation....


We are both evil. But I joined the evil to destroy it from bring the lost cure...cure from Lucifer


So like I said, a really incredibly tiny preview of MY MIND! 1/1000 of everything from the whole plot

If you would gain full access, you could see all the movie scenes...all the most unbealivable epicly cutscenes you can imagine. Sadness and depression, combined with determination, will to fight, stand to die, making hell our new home, f***ing Satan and J in the ass!


if anyone would like to see all of this in a text version, just say it. I might go for a length world breaking number here. But of course not doing it anytime soon. Not sure if even this year....


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2014-03-06 17:29:32

And the person finally makes up his decision, slightly glancing his head up towards the guy infront of him, saying; "Yes, I want to see all that shit and I wanna shit it everyday till my end of fucking life."

Igyzone responds:

I want to make it look sad and awesome in both ways!


2014-03-06 17:31:26

lets have a rave party in your mind rite now son.

Igyzone responds:

Maybe if I start writing things by one....jeeeez, that's gona take my whole life.


2014-03-06 18:11:22

Break the record my friend ! Make this reality !

Igyzone responds:

Wow, I never thought you guys want to see this.......ummm....ultrablasting masterpiece!


2014-03-06 18:23:32

Did you fell sometime that was in the brain of someone, like one day I was with a friend of mine (a girl :3 ) and we were playing Hangman, I was without any idea of words, so I tell her to make the words and I discover what they means, ok, normal, but when I was still discovering the first word she said "if you discover one letter you will of course get the word", I looked very deep at her eyes (PS: I never look to the people's face, always to their eyes) and said "P", what she said: "Wow!", there was 4 letters P on that hangman game, then I looked to the paper, just 1 letter left, I still didn't knew the whole word, looked into her eyes again, said "G"... "Wow!" again, we continued and for some reason I was like making the right choices all the time, I fell very strange that day.

Igyzone responds:

Not really. I do have some super talent at predicting things. One time at flipping a coin and I know exactly that I would guess ten times right in number/head thing. The other is at predicting score results at sports. 5:3, 3:0 in just a week and two ago at hockey.


2014-03-09 14:22:54

I can predict the future or something,I write down all of the dreams Ive had that I can remember.out of like 40 dreams only 15 came far

Igyzone responds:

I remember some of the most wicked dreams I had even when i was a kid. Some kind of sci-fi world with me in it, kicking alien asses, or saving the world with some superpowers, lol. Of course now I'm dreaming a bit more realistic things, but I don't remember a single one of them that came true. Even when i dreamed of a good grade I was about to get.....wrooong.

Also, these days I'm mostly dreaming related things :T