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Igyzone's News

Posted by Igyzone - May 24th, 2014

I keep losing a fan about every week. (and somehow a replacement comes shortly back to number 60)

So, is it realy my fault? What do I need to do to get more fans?

Say anything and I will do it! Ok, except the hard work by making animations and stuff, beacuse.....did I mentioned I failed my first final exams? >.<

If you don't got a clue, ask me something beacuse I'm kinda bored right now. Make a hard one, something you don't know about and it doesn't need to concern me.


And some lil'o music to add freshment to this post.

===== radio interception ======

ZZZZtttt*......... ..."JO*N TH* FIG*T!" .."FR*ED*M".........bbbbzzT".

= signal restored =

Posted by Igyzone - May 19th, 2014

Incoming transmission...

Date specified...19.5.2045

sender - unknown source

Warning: *a* si*g*al dete*te*


....I do not own a name. but as I was chosen by you people, I am now known as The Chosen One. Now here I am, standing in front of you as your new leader with a promise to guide all of my men to victory! But that is only a goal that wants to be achieved by everyone in this war. As you must know, I can't guarantee your survival, but I WILL make your action count, that will be writen down in history and most importantly, actions that will make our next generation in the future posssible to live. To live in freedom and happiness. To keep your tree of ancestors alive and growing. With these circumstances I will make you become a true hero. From this moment on, there's NO turning back. We stand to fight! And if you die, you die to protect your mates that will retake the lost ground and make our lineage live there. That is not your ho*ela*d *nymo*e. WE ARE....*****...FO*E*ER!!!


Transmission lost...

Oh that....just another thing retyped from my school book, during math lessons, wadiya now...

Trying to connect my mind piece by piece. And someday in some universe, it might happen.

Posted by Igyzone - May 14th, 2014

Ah yes, the good old days, those were the days when we grew up just at the same stage when gaming was starting to evolve. So here are some of the best examples of PC games I remember:


1. Atomic Bomberman 

Developer: Interplay; Release: 1997

One of the first multiplayer games we've played in school. First thing's first, it sucked in single player, beacuse of the super pro AI, but multiplayer was absolutely amazing!! Bombs, bombs, bombs, run, run, run, kick, throw, powerup, pray, destroy! The best things in this game were music, voices and the dead ways to die, it was realy hilarious xD



2. Test Drive 5

Developer: Pitbull Syndicate; Release: 1998


The baby of the next gen Test Drive Unlimited and one of the first for PC (I think TD4 was the first PC platform), this racing game was something special. It wasn't just a plastic car, this was a real heavy machine you could felt when playing it. The simulation wasn't the best thing, but durability of your car was realistic. Everytime you overheated your acceleration meter, you would drift circles in the next turn, lol. 




  3. Re-Volt  Developer:  Acclaim Entertainment; Release: 1999   I never played the game, just kept watching my schoolmates at the back. And I think I missed one of the top notch racing simulators. A pure RC (radio-control) game, doing flips and backflips in every clifs. Who would think an RC game would be something best you could ever experience?  



4. Unreal Tournament 99

Developer:  Epic Games; Release: 1999


This FPS was top of the leaderboard!!!! Epic Games makes everything epic, even today! This game didn't received the game of the yeard edition for nothing! So what did make this game good? Well I tell you: A futuristic shooter with solid graphics and amazing AI with wonderful gameplay with some fancy voices. I swear you have heard these voices such as: "Doublekill, Multikill, Ultrakill, M-M-M-Monster KIll, Rampage, Dominating, Godlike..." in other media. Also I have to mention again, blasting enemys like piles of junk, or more like blowing them to literally meat pieces! This game is beast to anyone who remembers it and a must to anyone who haven't played it!





Tony Hawk's pro Skater 2 Developer: Neversoft; Release: 2000

There were many Hawk's game series and they are still making them today but the first one due to the best scores, tell that these were the best, and the second part was the one I got my hands on. Just awesome, So many good stunts, I was a master of it, clearly making +10,20k points awith triple,quatro combos, but ironicaly I loved the way you failed and the combo sign just "bleed" away, LOL xD



Motocross Madness 2 Developer: Rainbow Studios; Release: 2000

Always wanted to play a dirtrace with dirtbags on dirt tracks wit lots of....DIRT! A decent simulation, but in my taste really fun game. Race those freaks or do some fancy stunts or you can do even both anywhere and everywhere you like. Lots of different tracks and bikers await you! my favorite part? Watching these dudes fall or being pro aggresive and ram these fuckers down by swinging your motor wheel in air to a dudes's head, mwahaha!!!



Worms World Party Developer: Team17; Release: 2001

Another large series on many platforms, and this was the last latest PC 2D version and probably the best one, beacuse 3D graphics just suck. We played this alot in my school and this was a hell lot of fun! Who would think these cute little animals can become a super destructive force, lol. My favorite thing? You mean my favorite weapon? It's that thing you can find on an ordinary game card where a king holds some kind of a ball shape bomb thingy. When it's throwed, a voice appears: "AAAAAAALELUJA" *massssive boom follows*



Backyard Baseball 2003 Developer: Humongous Entertainment; Release: 2002

This silly little game was also played alot in my school. It's my first time seeing a baseball play, even though only in a game, lol. At some point it gets really long and boring, but somehow it's still very fun. Why? Lots of commentary, some wicked crazy powerups and there's Pablo Sanchez, the uknown crazy spanish kid where I learned most of spanish language from him than I ever did in my life, doublelol. Forgot to tell you this is another large series with the latest last 2D game and I loved these animated graphics. Silly little kids, but it's hard not to laugh at some of them, triplelol.



Drome Racers Developer: Electronic Arts; Release: 2002

Another Lego racers related thing. I rarely got a chance for this to play. And thus the gameplay mechanics are pretty poor, know this: the graphics are very good and this is what a true NFS (Need For Speed) game is! All you do is drive wild and that's good enough to feed you with all the adrenaline, hellyea!



Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Developer:  Activison; Release: 2003

A better sequel to Return to the Castle that was made in 2001, and a pathway to modern FPS gaming where COD was born and so on....What can I tell about this game? I just enjoy playing multiplayer with this, it's way better than fake call of duty shit. Great maps, mission and network, end of report!


Posted by Igyzone - May 9th, 2014

And a better score for his Madness Apple series...

He's the exact kind of person who sucks at drawings, but skilled at pulling of dramatic animations.

In short: Give his animations a better score, damnit!

Watch the series here on NG:

Posted by Igyzone - April 29th, 2014

The title is just the fact how all artists keep saying: "Not dead", lol.

Anyway I'm not dead either. Bussy doing everything, including fighthing for greater health.

So, what's new this time? First of all I've ben waiting paitently for years for the third movie of motherfucking Expendables that will come in theatres in august! HELLYEA!!!


Ok, second is...Happy late Pico Day....just awful....and what the fuck is this, Tom?

  And third is blahblahblah, continuing my silly drawing. Right now I'm giving some effort on my third and last specific handgun drawing. Definitely best one so far. Can you guess which gun is it? ;)

Posted by Igyzone - April 18th, 2014

  • News #1: Finally new season for the Game of Thrones, oh wait, that's history... 
  • Finaly new season for Dickylicky figures, YEAAA THAT'S IT!!!


You will see new shit like these every Thursday!!!!!! Why Thursday!?!? You don't know that this day actually means: Thor's day by the awesome Viking of course!


  • News #3: Since I don't do animation and games, I'll just try to do some silly drawings, if you're not ok with it, then DEAL WITH IT!

Posted by Igyzone - April 11th, 2014





Posted by Igyzone - April 3rd, 2014

You guys probably tried this game by now, right?


And what do you think? Too hard? Can't even complete the first level or stuck at a certain level? Well here's the truth, I got stuck at the archers part as well, but when I figured something out, it became almost too easy, LMAO!

Of course I'll help you guys out:

Here's something you should know about the story mode:

- 180 degree mode (means you can't get backstabed, only from left, middle and right)

- Use earphones or headphones, super advantage!

- you dont need to button mash the left and right button, just hold and you'll move allright

- How I got most of them through: block at the last second and attack right after that.

- SUPER CHEAT! Every sound that's coming from the right, will get blocked if successfuly timed, if you try to block within medium or left, you'll most likely die! Not sure if every earphones/heaphones have the same sound area, but that's what made me go everything threw them like swiss cheese!!!


And one of the guys wrote this cute walkthrough for every level.

1st guy swordsman attack when he is about to attack
2nd mace block 2 then attack immediately
3rd female block 3x then attack immediately
4th wolves listen and attack pretty easy
5th archers easy listen block wait til they draw swords kill
6th dozen soilders pff uper easy
7th 3 sister very har listen carefully and you can do it
8th army lots of FUn w00t! my highscore 45
9th horse guy super har. block and attack untill he dies
10th Wizard i just swung my sword and won

I you are somehow still stuck, ask me, maybe I know something more than this guy :)

Soooo, you finished? Already!? Hahaha, the fun is not over, now try 180 degree survival mode and get on top of the leaderboard? Want something harder? Ok, 360 MODE!!!!!!!

Posted by Igyzone - March 30th, 2014

What am I doing? Nothing really.


What's with this pic? Yeaaa... I just wanted to draw an action part of my T.C.O. trilogy film. One of many....

The bigger guys on the right are just closeups to some dudes on the left.

See the guy on the right with a wire? Yea that's him, The Chosen One. Imagine him on a chained rope that's ben cut down, flying down like a Tarzan, while firing his assault rifle on the other hand. Also, explosions everywhere and a super screamy angry face. That is how I would want to make it look on a poster.


Ok im done with this, I know I can't make this shit a reality, where the hell can I even get money to support it....

Posted by Igyzone - March 15th, 2014

Contract file #1


Sender: Ressurect cooperation of perfection

Date: 1.1.2043


Greetings, people of former old Earth.

As you all know, the crysis of our humanity is at stake. And so we made a company to prevent this at all costs. But we need YOU to work with us or face the consequences in the upcoming warfare.


I regret to be that aggresive, but this is the only way to deal with this problem. Every human that fullfils our qualifycations, can easily join us. As your leader, my job is to make this world cleaner. Can you even imagine a new world where only smartest or/and strongest people in? In other words, we are making HEAVEN!


Many people refuse or can't be able to become a decent person, so this is why I choosed to extinct that type of humanity and that way our lives will be easier to live with no overpopulating and best of all, with best people!

Of course it makes me sad, eliminating that much amount of people, but this is a risk and duty we have to make. I promise you all that work us, will receive great rewards and those that die for us, will never be forgotten in our tablet of heroes.

Your leader of humanity

- Alpha





Contract file #2


Sender: The Choosen Team

Date: 15.3.2045


Hello to all people that trust us.

We all know the situation we currently are in. And it's critical for our existence. Our opposition did not suit my needs, so I'm making a different stand for all humanity. Remember that we are not here to fight the enemy, we are here to get out of this crysis alive. But of course blood will have to fall on us.


Everyone with its will to us, can join, but I personally have to warn you something IMPORTANT: If you agree to our terms, you will left your nation behind and everything that was ever related to your life. In shortly, ABSOLUTION!


We fight as one, together and forever. We may be weak alone, but we are strong in numbers. Those that fall, shall know this that instead of dying in front of executioners, you die in hope for a better world. I was choosen to lead you and I shall bring you to the very edge of solution and liberty. Please trust us and we shall trust you, beacuse we are one.

Your trusted savior 

- T.C.O. (The Chosen One)



End of transmission



So this is a quick giude of what these two leaders are fighthing for. And what I would ask you, is what contract would you sign for. Before you answer, think twice. Which sounds better and which would you sign for....in reality?