No one is dead!

2014-04-29 09:14:49 by Igyzone

The title is just the fact how all artists keep saying: "Not dead", lol.

Anyway I'm not dead either. Bussy doing everything, including fighthing for greater health.

So, what's new this time? First of all I've ben waiting paitently for years for the third movie of motherfucking Expendables that will come in theatres in august! HELLYEA!!!


Ok, second is...Happy late Pico Day....just awful....and what the fuck is this, Tom?

  And third is blahblahblah, continuing my silly drawing. Right now I'm giving some effort on my third and last specific handgun drawing. Definitely best one so far. Can you guess which gun is it? ;)


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2014-04-29 11:20:30

Have you seen the live stream? It wasn't that entertaining until the end part. They mostly played a lot of adult content.
Is it a semi or repeater pistol?

Igyzone responds:

Of course Tom always approves adult content, har har har!

Originally semi. Seriously it's not that hard.


2014-04-29 16:03:26

Happy late Pico day dude!! ;D

Igyzone responds:

Thanks....anyway. :P


2014-04-29 18:44:54

yeah the ls was dope...and I mean it was shitty....

Igyzone responds:

One word: YEP


2014-04-29 21:39:47

I was waiting for The Expendables 3 a long time ago already, that movie series that convinced me to make the brass knuckles for Madness Combat :3

Igyzone responds:

I know, freaking awesome, I always wanted to see the old movie action superstars together kicking ass like they always do.


2014-04-30 04:59:56

H-happy birthday :^)

Igyzone responds:

Oh shit It's my B-day!?!? *looks at calendar* wow that explains all the presents I'm receiving xD


2014-05-01 01:47:25

The expandables is gonna be fucking badass.

Igyzone responds: