Heya, chumps!

2014-03-30 08:15:49 by Igyzone

What am I doing? Nothing really.


What's with this pic? Yeaaa... I just wanted to draw an action part of my T.C.O. trilogy film. One of many....

The bigger guys on the right are just closeups to some dudes on the left.

See the guy on the right with a wire? Yea that's him, The Chosen One. Imagine him on a chained rope that's ben cut down, flying down like a Tarzan, while firing his assault rifle on the other hand. Also, explosions everywhere and a super screamy angry face. That is how I would want to make it look on a poster.


Ok im done with this, I know I can't make this shit a reality, where the hell can I even get money to support it....


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2014-03-30 08:23:15

Ay man, long time no see :)

Igyzone responds:

Has it ben that long already? *looks at calendar*


2014-03-30 10:23:50

The chosen one...

(Updated ) Igyzone responds:

HAAAAIIIIII LOVE IT!!! Well a bit different since the one I had in mind....the poster would be something like just that you could see the full human body and his gun would be all ratatata mode. But hey, I love evrything epic looking, escpecially badass as this one. Another bit different poster would be the same in full size with the guy on top, killing dudes on the floor. Kinda like the first madness art that Shadman made.

Ya know, I actually want to make him a different kind of person and not a frickin Duke Nukem (even though it's complete badass)

edit: oh yeah, ya know I actually want to make him look entering the base and not escaping from it. THAT is badass.


2014-03-30 19:45:13

photoshop can always make shit reality :)

also igy,is this a coincidence that you mentioned stick guys and explosions? hmmm.......dick figures *cough* :)

Igyzone responds:

Yes, I'm a fan of Dick figures but this has nothing have to do with it.
What's the easiest way to draw people? Stickmen of course. :P


2014-04-01 14:29:07

Have you heard the new season of dick figures? Gonna be epic.

Igyzone responds:

The fifth season? Those dirtbags promised it soon. And they announced far back when they only started to film Dick Figures Movie. LIES!!!


2014-04-01 14:57:55

Its probably gonna come now right?

Igyzone responds:

I lost my track of time.