This guy deserves more fame.

2014-05-09 15:44:31 by Igyzone

And a better score for his Madness Apple series...

He's the exact kind of person who sucks at drawings, but skilled at pulling of dramatic animations.

In short: Give his animations a better score, damnit!

Watch the series here on NG:


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2014-05-09 17:17:08

Thank you for supporting my work, you made my day. <3

Igyzone responds:

Oh wow, I didn't think you ever check my news, lol.....


2014-05-10 10:58:42

nice work he has

Igyzone responds:

Fan him. Now.


2014-05-10 12:08:37

Pretty good series :D

Igyzone responds:

Indeed, my friend.


2014-05-12 14:49:44


Igyzone responds:

Start living and it will be less boring.


2014-05-24 23:36:24

He's very good at the rest, so why he doesn't team up with an artist? This is very common today, like me, I'm good at drawing but at animating I'm very slow and bad.

Igyzone responds:

Some prefer working alone. Some prefer working together. Usually the second option is better, but not always. (Did they have to cancel Sunshaft's project?)