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Posted by Igyzone - August 22nd, 2014

Don't keep this a secret from me, I know what you guys are hiding!









Posted by Igyzone - August 12th, 2014

System booting. Please Standby….standby complete.

Analyzingno threats detected.

6 subjects found. Engaging slideshow form.

Subject #1


Biography file – Raised from a poor family. In early years he fell in love with a woman who lived together for about 2 years. When the new war began, her future wife refused to the new order,–  »The Order« who made a law about non-mating. At the day of weeding, executioners of The Order surprised her at her homeand killed her and her witnesses. Widower was all prepeared for the ceremony and had no idea why was she late, so he decided to come check on her, At her home, completely shocked to see her future wife dead along with others. The executioners were still there, expecting him. No man of The Order had any remorse and told him, as a witness of this murder and beacuse as her former husband who didn't convince her to agree with the law, the Widower was supposed to be taken in the maximum security prison, but Widower lost his mind, physically resisted and ran. Afterwards he later met the T.C.O. leader and joined his group.


Subject #2


Biography file – He was known as one of the best payed mercenaries that ever existed. Not one mission of his was a failure. But one day, an uknown terrorist group in Nevada offered him a tremendeus amount of money for his biggest challenge – Destroying whole Las Vegas, changing it back to the mafia city hideout as it was were. All the listed governors were executed, countless lives was lost, Hitman was badly injured in a chopper battle, but the job was done. Citizens were terrified and ran away. Just before the payment, the Nevada Terrorist group agreed to cooperate with The Order and was forced to pay its earnings and move away (stealth mode), leaving no payment for the Hitman. When Hitman found out they were gone, he burnt their old home in anger and promised itself to avenge them and The Order, so he Volunteered personally for the T.C.O. group.


Subject #3

CodenameLast Brother

Biography file – A farmboy from a big family, along with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. They were a big potato farm providers. One day, they received a message from The Order, an invitation 

in an exchange, of leaving all their kids behind. The family refused and someday later, the brute force executioners came to eliminate the resistance. Their parents hid them in a barn, while they tried to lock themselves down in their house. The kids didn't want to stand alone and just watch, so they tried to help their parents, by sneaking and setting traps such as behind attacks. The first brother died when he killed the enforcerer that was backed up by another. Then the first sister along with the second brother was killed while the escape. (these few enforcerers got killed by the third brother and the second sister) The last brother and its last sister tried to free their parents, cornered in the back by 3 enforcerers. L.B. surprised and killed the 1st enforcerer, but the sister failed to backstab the second one, and got deadly shooten in return. The brother was forced to watch their parents die. At the slight moment, brother kicked hard the enforcerer in the soft spot, dropping its weapon, picked it up and shoot the parents's executioner along with the remaining one. He then escaped into the wild, later found by the T.C.O. group that kinldy offered him shelter. Months later he became a top class skilled melee fighter.


Subject #4

CodenameThird wheel

Biography file – Born with some diseases that disabled strength and growth, making him small and weak, but by his will of determination, he wanted to be a soldier and barely got accepted to a mercenary grunt company. As a member of a team, he tried to make some friends, but these »friends« played him around quite often and never gave him a chance in bigger cooperations. As the new war came, the company resisted with all of its men, making it a hell of a battle. Almost all of them died, but Third wheel's team didn't loose a single member. Everytime Third wheel offered help and suggestions, they refused. Later that day, they got ambushed by The Order's enforcerers. The team surrendered, but without mercy, the enforcerer's executed them one by one until only Third wheel was left. Just as his dead members, they made the same fun of him and bullied him around until his last breaths. In that moment, the T.C.O. army busted in and payed them all with bullets. The T.C.O. leader itself enountered Third wheel first, lying half-concius and draged him to safety, later taking it to their homebase. As a lifesaving reward, Third wheel volunteered into the T.C.O. army. This was the first time any man could see his real skills.


Subject #5

CodenameLone wolf

Biography file – As a top member and founder of the elite grunt force, a man that acomplished numerous dangerous missions, mostly all by himself. Later years he was going low on founds and the other founders beacame its owners. Somewhen at the new war, the founders (The Order's silent supporters) contacted The Order to make deals to cooperate and join. But The Order's request before making the deal, was eliminating the threat – Lone wolf, as he was a follower of rebel force, supporting the T.C.O. One of the elite grunt force members, strong friend of Lone wolf, who heard the conversation unnoticeably and warned him while he was away in another mission. Lone wolf decided to surprisingly bust-in at night and arrest them, but it was too late. All of his members were forced (money) to turn against him, including his best friend. Lone wolf jumped  from the 13th floor into the open sea. (the building is at harbor) Nobody has seen him later, thinking he didn't survive the fall and later they all went to new business with The Order. Lone wolf was later found miles across the sea by T.C.O. patrol team. He had no other options, but to volunteer as it was the only way to bring his company and his friends back.


Subject #6

CodenameThe Chosen One

Biography file - *error* - no official files found.

Engaging second scan…..searching…. *scan complete* - 6 unnoficial documents found

Performng  advanced distribution

-          3 diary logs found

-          2 printed speaches found

-          1 audio record found



Diary log #1

…….Has anyone wondered, how our leader was made? I mean, what was his history that made him become an incredible »Comandante«? All I know, ours and especially HIS biggest enemy, The Order leader, is his older brother, which is shocking enough to change your life forever. And from rumors I heard, this is the least feature that made him the leader we know…….


Diary log #2

……. It's just unimaginable to those like me who know his past. At least when he told us from his own mouth to us fellow teammates and I can undertstand the secret we must keep it. Another reason we were choosen as his Judgement Team commanders, is to handle this bizzare information for ourselves. To anyone who found this diary, I'll only say that all our tragedies whe have done through, our leader went all threw them at once! And to anyone who thinks this is a joke, look his face. That's right, he's always emotionless. Can an emotionless man ever lie?......


Diary log #3

……. I think I'm the only one who knows his weak spot. And I can't even say IF it's a weak spot! Our leader has some kind of disease, no doctor has ever known before, of course meaning no idea of treating it. If he ever encounters very high pressure in combat situations, he goes berserk! The only emotion he shows, is anger and anyone who witness it, doesn't stay alive for long……


Printed speach #1

…..You may not know my history, but you know yours and that's what it's important. Correcting the mistakes you have done. Keeping this as a secret is your own choice, but know this, our T.C.O. cooperation was made to thrust eachother. And with our thrust, we can gather respect all around the world, making neutral and even opponent states start believing, supporting and joining us!.....


Printed speach #2

….. Yes, my family died in front of my very own eyes. And I don't know my true identity. Not even my real name. I've gained strong knowledge over the past years right before the new war. And when that time came, I decided to turn this knowledge and all my power into war. And that's how I started building this company. Now you know the history behind it. If you're asking why am I giving this story to you comrades, it's because my promise is staying loyal to myself and you people…..


Audio record file #1

-          Hello my friend.

-          What do you want this time….Mike?

-          Oh nothing. I just wanted to remind you about the fact, only I know your true identity.


-          Oh brother, my little baby brother. I don't know if this has any connections for this war, but I'm glad it happened. The only thing I wonder about that event, is if this is the reason you turned against me? I saved your life after all. And this is what I get in return?

-          Argh! My life didn't mean anything for long until you started a bizzare genocide!

-          A genocide? HAHAHA! The only mass murderer I see, is you.

-          What?!

-          Look at what you're doing. You're trying to save all these lives. Instead, you're killing everybody who stands in you way. Even though it's mostly my army. But the fact is, you're doing my job for me. Exactly what I wanted, eliminating people by people to make this world breathable again.

-          NO! You know exactly what I'm doing. Saving innocent lives from your cruel insanity!

-          Whatever. Pretty much the same, am I right? Anyways, don't forget, if I die, you will never know your true identity. So check mate, mate.

-          ARRRGH!!!

-------------------------------------------- call ended -----------------------------------------

Posted by Igyzone - August 4th, 2014

Iiiiiiiiii ummm....sorry for being dead again, main reson this time was playing Minecraft for the first time that attacked me with the obsession disease. Finally resisted and got back to my NG home, lol.


So I guess I need to repay you guys with something. I was thinking about that and decided to unlock another part of my insane "The Chosen One" story in the next post. It will feature history backgrounds of a special team, called:

The Judgement Team. It will feature top commanders along with the T.C.O. leader. If you like reading tragedies, the upcoming post will surely interest you.

Posted by Igyzone - July 17th, 2014

Me? Tough day, but most importantly I finally got rid of the old shitty LG Optimus Black phone that was causing me headaches with the troublefunction buttons, slowy lagy load and even a mind of it's own, I'm not explaining this.

So I replaced it with a totally mindblowing new one, called LG Nexus 5. What's so special about it? For me, from one 1Ghz to Snapdragon 800 4x 2.26 Ghz processor...bang! First phone with the latest android 4.4 Kitkat system installed, fully supported by Google, and it belongs to one of the best phones ever made. All that for a SUPER CHEAP PRICE!

By the way, can you guys do me a favor. I'm trying to find my first phone I used, I've no idea what was it called, all I know it's what it looked like. So if anyone knows a good site of all 1G,2G phone collections, It'll make me very happy!

And that's it for me, how was your day? :)

Posted by Igyzone - July 11th, 2014

After slaying the dragon of despair, defeating the king of boredom and crushing the army of doom, I have finally returned back home to onward my next epic adventure.....


In another words I'm back that's all. But here's a thing I REALLY HATE when Newgrounds mess something up without my notice. Mind someone tell me why is that star favorite icon (that I use to check your guys's news) gone? Or did Newgrounds just choose me to fuck my life up?

By the way while traveling in a boring bus, I've met this dude who came out as some fancy artist, drawing some neat stuff, while the whole bus was bouncing like a kicked football...



Posted by Igyzone - July 2nd, 2014

Except for the matura exam I'll have to take in august....

But I'm glad that's over. And tomorrow I'm already going on vacation time somewhere in the no-internet zone, so I'll be dead a week or two, but the hell with it, you won't even know I was gone. :P


In the meantime you can watch this video. It's Madness Combat and its sprites are made from real life which might be first time ever. Althrough it's not completely Krinkels's cannon related version, but hey, as long as you see Hank kicking ass, all is good. I wanted to post this as first year anniversary, but I can't think of anything better right now, lol. And I'm pretty sure about 90% madness fans never seen it either.


So grab a popcorn and keep repeating it until I come back. See ya lads :D

Posted by Igyzone - June 26th, 2014

I need to finish a few frustrating projects to end the last school semester and the deadline is somewhen next week. DANG IT!

I tried to make some silly stuff to get some media attention, lol. In Carve n' Share made a few pumpkins, like The Reaper, but then I had an idea and made Pumkin Maze Game (spent 2 hours making it, lol), that got +100 views which is quite remarkable to achieve it as the game was made in 2010, and all my other pumpkins in the early popular period got less views.

In Cathode Raybots as you can see I made recently Sfingetron 1000 and Mag Hanketron 3000 . But it's not over yet. Expect an improved Mag Hanketron 5000, Grunt Operator, and Skeletonbot V2 !

Have you seen the trailer for the holly anticipated Madness Project Nexus 2 ? BRING THOSE EYES HERE!




Ok, I promised either the game or movie part from previous post.

So movie part it is!


Prepare your diapers, or you will shit and jezze your pants when you see the third installment of the officially most action headblasting broass cinema movie ever made, The Expendables 3!!!!

And that's not all! Want another action packed blaster, with a star wars style, mixed with lots of ROFLs? Ladies and gentlefreaks, Guardians of the Galaxy!!!!


Phew, what a post. Another full hour wasted, but don't pack your bags yet folks, beacuse there is still the gaming part to come! Hellyea! See ya  lads next time!!! *Cheesy mode off*

Posted by Igyzone - June 19th, 2014

I recently found this cool site called Choice Of Games where you got all sorts of text based adventure games. Most of them are free, others are half-free.... They are amazing!!!! Me as a zombie horror survival fan, played this one and got my mind blown. So many many decisions you can make that can turn the story upside down. And it has many many ends as well. Mostly when you die of course, but did I mention you can play some time as a zombie too? I shit you not. Try it!


After the bad end twice, I finished as survivor with score of:

Medical: 45 
Engineering: 77 
Athletics: 49 
Hand to hand: 53 
Firearms: 41 
Reflexes: 50 

You managed to kill 28 zombies. 

You managed to get the following people to safety: 

+ found doc notes that helped develop the cure


Next is, since I'm still bored, would you guys play The Drawing Grounds with me? I'm sick of sending my drawings to random afk users that don't even bother playing the game ever again. Ok I admit I forgot about it for a year but I'm back again...



I got many more news to come, including 2 awesome indy detective games, 1 old good zombie game, trailers of 2 fantastic upcoming movies and something Madness related. STAY TUNED!


Here's my little Chibi guy that was lost somewhere in my picture mess. This cute little fella wants to play ^_^

Posted by Igyzone - June 12th, 2014

Anyone ben to the E3 2014 press conference? Me neither. I just want to fully unleash my rage at my best game development buddy brand, the Insomniac Games, as well as the whole FREAKING GAMING COMMUNITY!!


Here's the deal. Insomniac Games was many year old champ of the exclusive Sony community. Besides a few games, old like the first 3D wolfenstein, they started with the familiar Spyro series, successful Ratchet and Clank series that are still in the making, including a real film! But these are all cartoonic kids stuff. The first real manly game came to the new PS3 as an exclusive opening with the making of future trilogy Resistance.

The second one was awesome as well, but the third just didn't selled well. Althrough there was less warfare action, the deep emotions were just amazing. Is the less combat gameplay the reason??

Then Insomniac strted to go on multi-platform by combining the xbox 360 and made a new game, called Fuse.

Another game that didn't get much interest even though it was awesome with the 4 player co-op style based action.


And now here's the stab in the Sony back as well as mine. With the next gen consoles, Insomniac announced the latest game, Sunset Overdrive, exclusively for the Xbox One.

WHAT THE EVERLIVING FUCK WHY!?! Actually I know the answer, it's beacuse Xbox offered more money, hur hur hur. but that's not the main point I'm angry about!


Take a good look at this game and you will start to know why I'm really pissed off. It has some serious good feedback from everyone, this might become the best selling Xbox One exclusive game ever. If you think that's why I'm mad you're only 10% right.


Look at these elements. Insomniac told that the humor feel is taken from the Spyro and Ratchet series. I would also add that the colorful design graphics are from Fuse and also those fucked up zombie like creature look alot look like the Chimera from Resisatnce series. All the elements from their Playstation are taken together to the Xboy! That adds the 40% of the reason I'm mad!


And now the remaining 50%? This is their first game with  a non-real story plot and possibly the most wreckless senseless game ever made!!! Why is THIS ONE so good than any others before???? And why did Xbox decided to financialy support THIS game, instead of any previous Insomniac Games? Is it beacuse of the fact that the Xbox community is all retarded and supports these kind of games??


Now take a good look at some of the best Sony PS3 exclusives: Killzone, Resistance, Metal Gear, Uncharted, The Las Of Us, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Journey.....sure , some of them are a bit violent, but they all have an amazing plot.


Now take another look at Xbox 360 exclusives: Mass effect (ok that one was really good), Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, Left 4 dead....they are all fun, but all of them VERY violent, without much of a plot!


So what I'm trying to say, is: "I dont want to live in this planet anymore!" Lets just put a super action Michael Bay movie with all time shooting and explosions without any story beacuse people hate touchy stories, right? Fuck the world! 

Oh and another thing: Insomniac Games is one of the best gaming brands ever! I just wonder why these gamer fucktards thought of it now with their latest game....

Posted by Igyzone - June 5th, 2014

A notice before I die,

give me one more chance to try,

to no fear I will cry,

to no man I shall lie,

threw the rings of fire I will fly,

killing enemies and burning them alive,

but surrender I must deny,

as we fight untill on us collapses the sky!

So don't be shy,

we know you're a good guy,

don't let your death pass by,

and refuse to the devil who souls he buy!

Even though our supplies are running dry,

and from no help we get reply,

there is always more than meets the eye.

Now it's time to say goodbye,

Time to make our world satisfy,

to make our lives simplify,

to prevent evil from mulitply,

WAIT! Standy....

Our first challenge lies thereby,

First we scan and specify,

and then we occupy.

Ready!? 1....2...is that pie? :o


Damn it, why did that pie ruined everything!?

Nevermind. Remind me to show you guys some cool games next time.....