2014-07-17 16:25:57 by Igyzone

Me? Tough day, but most importantly I finally got rid of the old shitty LG Optimus Black phone that was causing me headaches with the troublefunction buttons, slowy lagy load and even a mind of it's own, I'm not explaining this.

So I replaced it with a totally mindblowing new one, called LG Nexus 5. What's so special about it? For me, from one 1Ghz to Snapdragon 800 4x 2.26 Ghz processor...bang! First phone with the latest android 4.4 Kitkat system installed, fully supported by Google, and it belongs to one of the best phones ever made. All that for a SUPER CHEAP PRICE!

By the way, can you guys do me a favor. I'm trying to find my first phone I used, I've no idea what was it called, all I know it's what it looked like. So if anyone knows a good site of all 1G,2G phone collections, It'll make me very happy!

And that's it for me, how was your day? :)


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2014-07-17 16:57:41

Maybe this site could help tho i don't know any 1G 2G phones lol my first phone was something like Nokia 2760 but only older ha! ─‿‿─

Igyzone responds:

It doesn't help me much, but thanks anyway.


2014-07-17 22:06:25

I don't even know if they still have 1G 2G phones. These days when they stop selling old classic things.
I organize papers.

Igyzone responds:

it's funny beacuse anyone could start collecting these phones and make it's own museum. Sadly they just throw them in garbage.


2014-07-23 16:08:04

ok, the LG Nexus 5 is completly better than my cellphone, but i have no money to buy at least another cellphone :(

Igyzone responds:

I'll say again, it's pretty cheap for a phone like this. I payed 288€. You can always choose payment by installments though.


2014-07-25 14:26:56

sooo . how was your day .

Igyzone responds:

Games, books, boredom.


2014-07-25 14:40:50

Turles Triumph
A few seconds ago by Bucker9000
Krillin sighed as he looked off into the distance, there was still no sign of Gohan. The bald former monk had planned to camp in the forest of Mount Pazu along with Bulma, Oolong and Gohan. But what was keeping Gohan? Had Chi-Chi changed her mind about allowing her son to join them?
Oolong tried to get a fire going beneath an enormous pot. He leaned in too close as the flames ignited and promptly singed his nose. Krillin and Bulma burst into laughter at the sight of his soot covered nose.
At that very moment Gohan arrived, " Hey! Sorry I'm late..."
" Mmmm! What's that delicious smell? " Gohan asked eagerly. " It smells just like Mom's kitchen in the morning!"
The pig swallowed hard and turned ashen. Oolong muttered under his breath as he became the target for Bulma and Krillen's laughter once more. He decided to direct attention to the enormous backpack Gohan carried.
" What was your mother thinking when she sent you out with that thing?" Oolong gasped as he pointed to the monstrous backpack.
" That is SOME backpack, Gohan," Bulma mused.
" Uh, Mom packed it for me," the son of Goku explained.
" That figures!" Krillin sighed.
Bulma, Krillin and Oolong held their sides as they laughed and teased a sheepish-looking Gohan about the contents of his over-sized backpack. It seemed as if the half-Saiyan child would never stop pulling out items.
" Not only does he look like he's going on safari, but he brought everything with him but the kitchen sink!" Oolong guffawed.
" Just how LONG did Chi-Chi think you were going to be out here?" Bulma questioned as she tried not to snicker.
" You could keep an expedition fed with all that food!" Krillin declared as Gohan pulled stacks of canned goods and even MORE items out of his backpack.
A probe sent from Turles's ship crashed into the Earth causing an explosion. The spider-like craft scuttled away but left flames in its'wake that rapidly spread to the forest where Bulma, Krillin, Oolong and Gohan were camping...
Krillin awoke to the sound of terrified forest creatures and the smell of smoke. Stepping out of his tent, he saw that the forest was ablaze. He quickly roused the others. At Krillin's suggestion, he and Gohan set out to blow away the inferno using power blasts.
Great trees began to fall to the ground. Gohan had to lift up a fallen tree to free a small purple dra

Igyzone responds:

My spam detector beeps at non-topic comments.


2014-07-25 14:43:33

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