What's up?

2013-12-10 15:30:28 by Igyzone

I'm doing all the things that can change the world. Yes I'm just being sarcastic, wasting usual time of my usual life.

Anyway, nothing new (again)....That's probably beacuse I focus more time to school (finally getting good grades, even for a miracle, maths!) Happy and bored at the same time.


I almost forgot about this new blog system, definitely handier than before.


Sooooo, just to make this post more refreshing, here's a great dance tune! :D



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2013-12-10 18:04:16

Dude, do you know how much...... work I have to deal with? hmm? Yea... a lot. Plus I happen to have a job working at my old high school in the admissions office. Pretty boring and complicated. So much copying, and printing, and typing and and..... KIDS! And I got 3 final Exams next week with the lack of information that I have learned and forget in class. You take notes.... And you forget what you learned.
Nice tunes :) What up with that guy?

(Updated ) Igyzone responds:

Wait, you are working in a school, where you've ben visiting there before? Lol, pretty ironic feel. Well look on the bright side: You are making money already. ;)

Oh that guy. His name's Clarence, who has become a popular internet meme template.


2013-12-10 18:18:10

its soo awesome to hear from you again man! I guess Im about to go into what adults say the "real world" soon but the world is the world so meh.

Igyzone responds:

"Meh" exactly.


2013-12-11 19:35:43

What console have you got?(if you have one)

Igyzone responds:

For now, Just a PS3 and some smaller consoles....


2013-12-12 14:43:42

you need to catch up on fans eheheheh

Igyzone responds:

Don't worry about that, harharhar!